Security note: Please use the this table to choose the right location for the data you need to store.

Account credentials (IDs) are used to access various IT services. There are 2 main IDs that are used to access most IT services:

Banner ID - is in the form of 8 numbers preceded by a dash (-).  Example: -12345678
This ID is used with a PIN to access MyInfo and the Password Reset Portal (the first time only).

MyInfo gives you access to personal information, time cards, pay information, time off balances, etc.  

The Password Reset Portal is the location where you set/change your NetID password.

NetID - is in the form of 1 letter, 2 numbers, 1 letter, 3 numbers.  Example: a12b786
This ID is used with a password that can be set in the Password Reset Portal.  NetID passwords expire every 180 days. Employees must fill out a request form to obtain an account (which includes email).

Your NetID is used to access:

Logging into campus computers
Box (cloud storage)
Brightspace LE (aka D2L or Desire2Learn)
MSUN Secure Wireless Network
Microsoft Office Software

Email accounts - employee email accounts come with 3GB of storage space. This email account is a Microsoft Exchange account that is accessed using Outlook on your desktop computer or through the web using Outlook Web Access (OWA). Smart phones can also be configured for access using as the server, msu-northern as the domain, and specifying an encrypted SSL connection.

Banner Accounts - Employees who need to work within Banner (BannerINF) can request an account after completing Banner training and then going to Banner Training is coordinated through the Business Services office.

MyInfo gives you access to personal information, time cards, pay information, time off balances, etc.  

Banner 9 is used by administrative users who have taken appropriate training and been granted access for job requirements. Banner 9 is best accessed with the Google Chrome web browser.

Box is a collaboration and file-sharing service for Montana State University-Northern students, faculty and staff. Box offers secure, content-rich, user-friendly, unlimited content sharing. Box allows content to be stored online, so it can be accessed, managed, and shared anytime, anywhere on any device. MSU-Northern shares MSU-Bozeman's instance of Box, and it is called "Montana State Box".

All MSU-Northern faculty and staff have a Box accounts: Use your NetID and password to log in.

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Chrome River is the management system for purchase cards and travel for all four MSU campuses.  NetID login is required to access the following links:

MSU-Northern has around 250 computers that are considered lab or open use computers. These computers are located at various locations across the campus and in Lewistown.

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We also have over 30 Technology Enhanced Classroom that contain equipment ranging from PCs and projectors to full video conference systems.

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From retrieving a single electronic signature to managing the on-time delivery of a form requiring five e-signatures — see how DocuSign can help you accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Network Storage - This is what is known as a "Z drive": The Z drive is automatically mapped when you log onto any campus computer. Faculty and Staff Z drives have 10GB of storage.

Network storage is provided for all files related to University work and course work. It is not for storing personal audio, image or video files. All Z drives are backed up by ITS, however: audio, image and video files are not backed up.

Cloud Storage - Box is MSU-Northern's cloud file storage and collaboration tool. Box faculty and staff accounts come with unlimited storage, and the ability to share and access files easily from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

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MSU-Northern has a site license agreement with Microsoft. The agreement covers all University owned computers: faculty, staff, and all open access computer lab machines. It gives us access to a wide complement of Microsoft® software, including the most current versions of licensed software for:

  • Microsoft® Windows
  • Microsoft® Office Professional Plus (includes: Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, InfoPath and OneNote)
  • Microsoft® Project Professional
  • Microsoft® Publisher
  • Visio Professional

This agreement also gives you free access to Microsoft Office 365 which includes Office software that you can download and install on up to 5 personal devices for as long as you are employed at MSU-Northern.

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MSU-Northern has access to Qualtrics, courtesy of the MSU-Bozeman library. Qualtrics is cloud-based platform for creating and distributing web-based surveys.

Find out more. Use your NetId and password to log on.

Information Technology Services provides voice services and maintenance and installation of telephone lines, phones, and other related equipment for the faculty and staff of MSU-Northern.

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MSU-Northern's Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows users to to securely access resources that are on the campus network from remote locations.  

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WebEx is a cloud-based Web conferencing system where participants can meet remotely and collaborate sharing screens, files and video. Our WebEx service includes unlimited integrated VoIP (audio) at no cost to the University. WebEx integrated telephony is also available.

A few of the features include: a software plug-in for Microsoft Outlook calendar integration, support for mobile devices, screen sharing, online chat, recording capabilities and much more.

A few examples of how faculty and staff can use WebEx: to bring guest speakers into classrooms; hold virtual office hours; provide one-on-one or group tutorials; participate in committee work.

WebEx sessions you host will have a maximum capacity of 500 to 1000 attendees, depending on the type of meeting.

WebEx accounts are not set up by default, you can request an account by emailing the Help Desk.  After an account is set up, you use your NetID and password to sign in.

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"Northern" is MSUN's secure encrypted wireless network available on campus. It must be used if you want to access campus resources such as Z: network drives from your wireless device. It requires your NetID and password to access.

"Northern_Guest" is an unsecured wireless network available for guests on campus, and students in the residence halls. It does not require authentication to access.