Information Technology Services provides voice services and maintenance and installation of telephone lines, phones, and other related equipment for the faculty and staff of MSU-Northern. 

Service Requests

Any phone problems such as static on lines, no dial tone, damage to cords, wall jacks, or the phone itself should be reported to ITS Help Desk. Information we will need for prompt service when reporting a problem includes:

  • The phone number of the telephone having problems.
  • The jack number (located on the jack outlet).
  • The building/room number.
  • A detailed description of the problem. Instead of: "My phone doesn't work!" Give more details: "When I pick up my receiver I hear a sound like a key is being pressed and I cannot make any calls from my set. I first noticed the problem after I spilled my coffee on the keypad."

Phone System

The MSU-Northern PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is equipped with many features, including:

  • CallPilot Voice mail,
  • Conference calling,
  • Call forwarding,
  • Call transfer,
  • Speed calling,
  • And many others.

Dialing from on campus

Although telephone numbers at Northern can begin with 265, 262 or 945, all departments and offices may be reached simply by dialing the last four digits of the number.

  • Emergency calls:
    • Dial 911
  • On-campus calls:
    • Dial only the last four (4) digits of the number.
  • Local calls:
    • 8 + 406 + XXX + XXXX
  • Long distance calls:
    (from office phones with long distance enabled)
    • 8 + 1 + XXX + XXX + XXXX

Long Distance Calling

The University does not permit calls to the 900 area code or to the 976 exchange.