Check List

1. Apply for Admission

New students may apply for admissions at any time without all the necessary required materials. Applicants will be notified of missing or incomplete documents needed to complete the admissions process.

All Applicants:

  • COMPLETED Application for Admission
  • $30 Application Fee
  • Proof of Immunization against measles, mumps and rubella for students born after January 1, 1957 (Montana State Law requires proof of two separate measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) shots, taken at least 1 month apart)

First-Time Freshman Applicants:

  • High school transcript with a graduation date posted
  • ACT or SAT scores for students who graduated from high school less than three years ago and are pursuing a Bachelor Degree

    (for information on ACT & SAT tests, finding testing centers and more, visit the ACT and SAT websites)

GED or HiSet Applicants:

  • GED or HiSet scores
  • ACT or SAT scores (if you are under the age of twenty-one and pursuing a Bachelor Degree)

Transfer Applicants:

  • Official academic transcripts from EACH accredited university, college, and vocational technical center attended.
    Official transcripts must be sent to the Admissions Office in a sealed envelope directly from the institution.

    Be advised that this step is not necessary if using one of the two transfer application options below and currently attending at an MUS school.

    Request for Transmittal of Application Materials: If you have attended a school in the MUS system, you may request a transmittal of application materials at the registrar's office of your previous MUS institution (University of Montana, Missoula College, Bitterroot College, Montana Tech, Highlands College, UM-Western, Helena College, Dawson CC, FVCC, Miles CC, MSU, Gallatin College MSU, MSU-Billings, City College at MSU-Billings, Great Falls College-MSU). The sending institution will prepare a certified copy of your admissions file including all of your previous institutions' transcripts. Fees may apply.

    MSU Transfer Application: If you are transferring from a Montana State University institution (MSU, Gallatin College MSU, MSU-Billings, Great Falls College-MSU, City College at MSU-Billings), you may complete a transfer application located in your MyInfo account. The transfer application sends transcripts from all previous MSU schools. If you have earned less than 12 credits at a college, university or vo-tech, you must also provide:
    • High school transcript
    • ACT or SAT scores (if pursuing a Bachelor degree)

2. Apply for Financial Aid/Scholarship

3. Apply for Housing

4: Register for Classes

5: Attend New Student Orientation