Dual Enrollment for High School Students

The purpose of this partnership is to provide high school students in the School Districts with the opportunity to earn both high school credit and college credit simultaneously or college credit only in the courses provided by Montana State University-Northern.

High School Counselors and Administrators – Are you interested in getting your students enrolled in dual credit courses, or are you a returning site facilitator getting your students ready to register for next year? If so, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Review the Fall 2024 Early College Courses for a list of online courses available to high school students through MSU-Northern.
  2. Review the Dual Enrollment Guidelines.
  3. Reach out to our dual enrollment coordinator for more information if you are interested in setting up a concurrent enrollment course at your school.

Parents and High School Students

  1.  Review available courses-
    1. Fall 2024 Early College Courses - While the courses linked here are eligible for college credit, the decision to award high school credit for the college course rests with the school district, provided that the decision is consistent with applicable laws, policies and administrative rules.
    2. Contact your high school counselor for a list of classes offered for college credit taught at your local high school.
  2. Review our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on dual enrollment and the type of credit that may be offered.
  3. Refer to the checklist and have each student complete and return the following forms to a high school counselor or the Admissions office at MSU-Northern.
    1. Dual Enrollment Application
    2. Dual Enrollment Registration (Must be signed by high school counselor if high school credit will be awarded and parent if student is under 18)
    3. Release Information Authorization (optional)
  4. Make appropriate payment or sign Deferred Payment contract located at the bottom of the Dual Enrollment Registration Form. Please contact MSU-Northern Business Services at 406-265-3733 for questions regarding fees and payment information. For information on Montana's One-Two-Free dual enrollment tuition waiver program, visit Montana University System's Dual Enrollment page.

To obtain more information, contact:

E-mail: registrar@msun.edu
Phone: 406.265.3703