The Administrative Policy and Procedures Manual is an online reference to MSU-Northern’s current policies and procedures. If you have any questions regarding the manual, please email:


Policy Review and Approval Process (as of August 2020)

  1. Each university-level policy is subject to review by the Responsible Party on or before the review date noted on the policy.
  2. If the Responsible Party deems that changes need to be made, he/she may develop an ad-hoc committee to work on substantive changes or make smaller updates and changes individually.
  3. The Responsible Party may presents the changes for feedback during the Leadership Check-in Meetings.
  4. The Responsible Party may choose to incorporate any feedback or to go back to the ad hoc committee to make further revisions.
  5. The Responsible Party presents the policy changes to the University Advisory Council (UAC) for discussion. As the shared governance body, UAC will then vote on whether to approve the policy.
    1. Yea vote – the changes are officially approved.
    2. Nea vote – the policy goes back to the ad hoc committee for further revision.
  6. Upon approval from UAC, policies will be uploaded on the website and adopted as formal policy as of the date approved (unless otherwise noted).
  7. The Chancellor's office communicates substantive policy changes to the campus.


Section 100 Organization and Administration
Section 200 Responsibilities of Administrative Officers
Section 300 Committee Composition
Section 400 Academic Affairs
Section 500 Faculty Affairs
Section 600 Student Affairs
Section 700 Non-Academic Affairs
Section 800 Financial Affairs
Section 900 Physical Plant
Section 1000 Campus Policy
Section 1100 Research and Sponsored Projects
Section 1200 Athletics
Section 1300 Information Technology

Other MSU-Northern Policies

AA/EEO Statement
Online Privacy Statement

 Affirmative Action Programs:
Minorities and Women
Individuals with Disabilities
Protected Veterans
The detailed analysis reports that accompany the MSUN Affirmative Action Plans are located in the office of the MSUN Director of Human Resources/EEO Administrator, Cowan Hall, Room 208.

Other policies (external)

Board of Regents Policies
Board of Regents IT Policies
Montana Code Annotated
State of Montana IT Policies