Search Committee Rules & Responsibilities

Search Committee Sequence of Events

  • Establish the search committee (Search Committee Rules & Responsibilities: Non-Faculty, Faculty)
  • Committee Chair sets up first meeting to be attended by Director of Human Resources.
  • Director of Human Resources will review the NOV, screening points, and pre-employment inquiry guide: Lawful and Unlawful, and other info.
  • Finalists will be selected for phone and/or on site interviews based on screening points.
  • References will be checked.
  • Final selection will be made.
  • All recruitment materials will be returned to the Human Resources Office.
  • All other applicants will be contacted by the Human Resources Office.


Search Committee Information

  Pre-Employment Inquiry Guide (Lawful & Unlawful Questions) PDF
  Veteran's Preference Information PDF
  Phone Interviews PDFWord
  Sample Itinerary for on site interviews PDFWord
  Sample Reference Check Questions PDFWord    
  PeopleAdmin Instructions PDF