Search Committee Rules & Responsibilities: Faculty Searches

Establishing a Faculty Search Committee

According to Article 6.6 of the MEA/AFT Collective Bargaining Unit Agreement, after a position is approved, the Provost establishes the Search Committee. By Contract, the Search Committee is composed of the following members:

  • Search Committee Chair – this person is the Chair of the Appropriate College
  • Two representatives of the administration
  • Three faculty members selected by the federation
  • Two students - may be appointed at the option of the President of the Associated Students of MSU-Northern

When the search committee members have been selected, the Provost will send a memorandum to the Search Chair, each committee member, and the Director of Human Resources documenting the selection.

Role of the Search Committee Chair

The search committee chair oversees all the administrative tasks of the search committee, assesses and rates applicants just as other members do and makes the formal report of recommendations to the Provost who (if approves) then forwards the recommendation on to the Chancellor for final approval.

Role of the Search Committee Secretary

The Search Committee Secretary is typically the Administrative Associate for the department/college. The Search Committee Secretary takes and distributes minutes of committee meetings. In addition s/he may assist with setting up interviews, itineraries for visiting campus, and reservations.

Non-Faculty Searches
Sequence of Events