Search Committee Rules & Responsibilities: Non-Faculty Searches

Establishing a Non-Faculty Search Committee

For Non-Faculty positions, committee membership typically includes a representative of classified non-exempt (union), classified exempt, contract professional staff, and faculty. Student membership is often advisable as well. Membership is usually among people who will work closely with the new person and who have special knowledge of or interest in the duties of the position. Membership of at least one employee who brings a unique perspective to the recruitment process is suggested and encouraged. A search committee is usually made up of five members, although more may be included. Fewer than five members is discouraged and an uneven number of members is expected.

Role of the Search Committee Chair

The supervisor of the “new employee” is typically the chair of a Search Committee although another member may be appointed in this capacity. In some cases such as coaching or executive hires, the Search Committee Chair is appointed by the Chancellor or designee. If the Search Committee Chair is the supervisor, s/he may also serve as the representative for his or her employee constituency (Classified/Professional/Faculty) as long as an uneven number of members remain on the Committee.

The Search Committee Chair oversees all administrative tasks of the Committee, assesses and rates applicants just as other members do and makes the formal report of recommendations to the appropriate administrative authority.

Role of the Search Committee Secretary

The Search Committee Secretary is typically the administrative associate for the department/college. The Search Committee secretary takes and distributes minutes of committee meetings. In addition, s/he may assist with setting up interviews, itineraries for visiting campus, and reservations.

Asking an administrative associate to serve as both a Search Committee Secretary and also as a classified staff representative is discouraged because it is difficult for one person to take adequate notes as well as fully participate in the decision-making process.

When the Search Committee has been selected, the Chair or Secretary will notify the Director of Human Resources of the member selection.

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