Undergraduate Non-Degree Admission

The undergraduate non-degree admissions status is designed to meet the needs of students who do not wish to pursue a degree at MSU-Northern. Once admitted to non-degree status, the student may retain that status indefinitely. Non-degree applicants will not be required to submit transcripts from previous institutions or ACT/SAT test scores. The applicant must certify that s/he has not been suspended from any post-secondary institution within the past 12 (twelve) months.

If the student wishes to change to regular status, the steps outlined under "Changing from Non-Degree Status" must be followed. An application form or a Change of Major form must be completed. A non-degree student in good standing (2.00 or higher cumulative GPA) may apply for a change from non-degree to regular status. Requirements for regular admission must be met at that time.

Professional Teacher Education, Nursing, and Graduate courses are not available to non-degree students. Non-degree status is not suitable for any person receiving financial aid or veteran's benefits. Non-degree students may not participate in intercollegiate athletics or any other program requiring regular admission status. Non-degree students are subject to the same University regulations as regular students.

How to Apply

  1. Complete an Application for Admission: either Apply Online or download the application and mail it to: Montana State University - Northern · Admissions · P.O. Box 7751 · Havre, MT 59501-7751
  2. A $30 non-refundable application fee, payable to Montana State University-Northern, is required of first-time applicants to Montana State University Northern. If the applicant is admitted but does not register, the $30 application fee is valid for the subsequent twelve months.

Changing from Non-Degree Status

To change from non-degree status to regular status, a student must have at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA and do the following:

  1. Submit ACT/SAT scores if they would have been required at the time of first admission to Montana State University-Northern.
    (for information on ACT & SAT tests, finding testing centers and more, visit the ACT and SAT websites)
  2. Submit high school and/or official college, university, or other post secondary transcripts from all other institutions attended. The student must submit transcripts from ALL institutions attended, whether or not credit was earned. A transcript will be accepted as official only when sent directly from the Registrar of the institution to the Admissions Office at Montana State University- Northern.
  3. Show proof of two vaccinations against measles and one against rubella. Immunizations must have been given after 1967 and after the student's first birthday and must have been administered at least thirty days apart. Current immunizations must have been administered in the form of the MMR vaccine. Immunizations must be documented by a physician, registered nurse or school official.
    Show documentation of having contracted measles and rubella. Documentation by a physician is required including dates of illness.
    File a medical or religious exemption.