Adult Special Admission

An applicant, 21 years of age or over, who is not a high school graduate, may seek admission as an Adult Special student by presenting evidence that s/he is adequately prepared to pursue a selected University program. Upon completing the work of the freshman and sophomore years with a grade average of "C" or better, an Adult Special student may, upon the recommendation of his/her faculty advisor and major academic College Dean, be accepted as a regular student and a candidate for a degree on the same basis as students who have been admitted upon graduation from an accredited high school. Adult Special students cannot enter the nursing program. Nursing students must have a minimum of a GED.

How to Apply

  1. Submit an application form or apply online. Applications may also be obtained by writing to the Admissions Office, Montana State University- Northern, Havre, MT 59501 or calling toll free 1-800-662-6132 or (406) 265-3704.
  2. A $30 non-refundable application fee and the completed admissions application should be returned to the Admissions Office. If the applicant is admitted but does not register, the $30 application fee is valid for the subsequent twelve months.