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Mission & Uniqueness

Technicians with a formal education, excellent work ethic, life-long learning skills, and the ability to adapt to change are in short supply. Industry leaders continue to report that these are the necessary skills for the 21st century. The College of Technical Sciences (COTS) mission is to develop a source of professionally educated, highly skilled, and motivated employees for industry. These are the qualities that we strive to instill in our graduates. Administration and faculty look forward to working with industry leaders, discussing ideas, and implementing initiatives to create programs that ensures Northern graduates and North American industries will be in demand well into the future.

The COTS is a college with-in Montana State University-Northern and offers an array of technical degree programs under a unique umbrella which makes the school one of a kind in North America.

  • Certificate, Associate, and Bachelor's degrees in the Business Administration, Engineering and Technology, Mechanics, and the Trades
  • Programs in Workforce Development and Apprenticeship Related Training
  • Technical programs blended with liberal arts and general education all on the same campus
  • Professors and professional staff who are dedicated and understand education as well as industry needs
  • Cutting edge research in "Advanced Bio-Fuels"
  • Multiple program minors, emphasizes, and options that can respond to industries current needs
  • Technical programs matched with computer studies, business, electronics, design, and education

Advising Information
You (the student) are encouraged to meet with your advisor at the beginning of each semester to confirm your plan of study and make any necessary adjustments. Meeting with an advisor before registering for classes each semester prepares you to plan a schedule that meets your needs and assists you in completing requirements in an efficient manner.


Agricultural Technology Automotive Technology Business Administration
Civil Engineering Design Drafting Diesel Technology
Electrical Technology Pipefitting Technology Plumbing Technology
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