I am delighted to welcome you to the College of Technical Sciences at Montana State University‚ÄĒNorthern.  Our college offers a wide range of degrees and programs through a blend of applied, project-based curricula to educate a diverse group of students.  Our aim is to allow students to gain the satisfaction that comes from mastering new skills and to further their career and personal goals.  Our graduates are equipped with strong analytical capabilities, the latest in cutting-edge technologies, and the skills for innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.  They continue to fuel the economic and technological development of Montana and beyond.

I am extremely proud of the passion that our faculty and students have for learning, discovery, and problem solving; the dedication of our hard-working staff in keeping the college running efficiently and in collegial manner, and the engagement and generosity of our alumni.

At the College of Technical Sciences, we strive to become a leader nationwide in shaping new concepts of applied technical education.  We take pride in our partnership with our community, industry, and alumni, and serve as a technical source for them.  Explore our educational programs and thank you for choosing us.

- Dean of COTS