College of Technical Sciences Faculty
Unless otherwise indicated, all phone numbers have the area code & prefix 406.265

Administrative Support Office Phone e-mail
Mary B. Brown, Administrative Associate III BRCKMN 210 3736
Bruce Mansfield, Tool Room DTC 3743
Professors Office Phone e-mail
Wane Boysun ELTTCH 204 Polycom / Wolf Point 399-0020
Steven Don BRCKMN 210-A 4185 
James Howland BRCKMN 210-N 4186
Trygve "Spike" Magelssen BRCKMN 104-K 4123
Barbara Zuck BRCKMN 210-C 4175
Associate Professors Office Phone e-mail
Kevin Holzworth BRCKMN 210-U 4151
Keith Jensen BRCKMN 210-L 3797
Brandon Matson BRCKMN 210-S 4127
Joshua Meyer BRCKMN 210-Q 4162 
Jeremy Siemens BRCKMN 210-J 4132
Assistant Professors Office Phone e-mail
Karyn Billmayer BRCKMN 210-F 4178
Anna Bowker BRCKMN 210-S 3540 
Andy Bradshaw BRCKMN 210-T 4179
Tyler Gibson BRCKMN 210-O 4187 
Laura Gomez BRCKMN 210-E 4154
Doug Kallenberger BRCKMN 210-M 4159
Erin Markus BRCKMN 210-I 4128 
Chris Pegar BRCKMN 210-K 4157 
Kristi Peterson BRCKMN 210-B 4193 
Aaron Riggin BRCKMN 210-R 3778
Kenny Wait BRCKMN 210-H 4136 
Instructors Office Phone e-mail
James Kirkpatrick BRCKMN 104-L 4164
Thomas Kline BRCKMN 104-M 3567
Jason Tanner MTLTCH 101 / BRCKMN 109 3742 or 3523 
Chuck Terry MTLTCH 101 / BRCKMN 109 3742 or 3523
Apprenticeship Programs Office Phone e-mail
Sharon Caven BRCKMN 104 4157
Brenda Kadrmas, Administrative Associate III BRCKMN 104 3559
Teri Rathbone BRCKMN 104-J 3717
Advanced Fuels Center Office Phone e-mail
Randy Magliano BRCKMN 104-P 5321