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Arts & Sciences

Degrees Minor Other
Applied Science BAS    
Biology BS Checkmark  
Community Leadership BA  Checkmark  
Criminal Justice BS Checkmark  
General Education AA    
Graphic Design BA Checkmark  
Liberal Studies BA    
Psychology   Checkmark  

The programs of Arts and Sciences prepare students to think, read, and write critically and to understand language and literature, philosophy, music, art, communication, drama, English, economics, geography, history, math, Native American studies, political science, the sciences, and sociology. The liberal arts curricula of this department present the historical and creative foundation of cultural heritage.

Advising Information
Students are encouraged to meet with their advisors at the beginning of each semester to confirm their plan of study and make any necessary adjustments. Meeting with an advisor before registering for classes each semester allows you (the student) to plan schedules that will meet your needs and assist your in completing requirements in an efficient manner.


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