You may receive a message that you want someone else to hear. You can forward the message exactly as it is, or you can record an introduction that the recipient hears prior to hearing the forwarded message. As with e-mail, you should not forward someone's message to another person without their permission.

To Forward a Message:

  1. After hearing the message press 73. "Forwarding message (number). Enter a list of mailboxes."
  2. Enter the first mailbox number, followed by #. "(Name or mailbox number)" Repeat this step for each additional number to which you want to forward the message.
  3. To remove a mailbox number from the list of recipients, press 0# after entering the mailbox number.
  4. To end the mailbox list, press # again. "To begin recording press 5. To end recording, press #."
  5. To forward the message at this point with out recording an introduction, press 79.
  6. To record an introduction, wait for the tone and then record.
  7. When you have finished recording the introduction, press #. "Recording stopped."
  8. To forward the message, press 79. "Message sent."

Note: The system will not let you forward messages that have been marked private.