Name Dialing lets you call a person by spelling out the person's name using the telephone keypad (by pressing the key on which you find the required letter). Name Dialing is especially useful because it lets you place calls without knowing the telephone numbers, and without assistance from an attendant. You can also use Name Dialing when Composing messages and Express Messaging.

To Name Dial:

  1. While logged into CallPilot, press 0.
  2. Enter the Name Dialing access number 11.
  3. Spell the last name followed by the first name. For example, to reach Zack Smith dial 764849225
  4. If you have entered the complete name, or you don't know the complete name, press #. If there are five or fewer names, the names are announced and a number is given to identify each name. To choose one of these persons, enter the corresponding number. If more than five matches are found, the system prompts you for the name again.