Instead of calling someone and waiting for CallPilot to take your message, you can use the Compose command to create and then send messages. Express Messaging is faster for sending a message to one person, but the Compose command is very useful when you want to send the message to more than one person.

To Compose a Message:

  1. Press 75. "Compose. Enter a list of mailboxes."
  2. Enter the first mailbox or distribution list number, followed by #. "(Name or mailbox/list number.)" To remove a the last mailbox or distribution list number you entered from the list of recipients, press 0# after entering the mailbox number. "Address (mailbox number) canceled."
    Note: if you don't know a person's number, you can use Name Dialing.
  3. Continue entering mailbox numbers following each with a #.
  4. When you have finished entering addresses, press # again to end the list. "To begin recording, press 5. To end recording, press #."
  5. Press 5. Wait for the tone, then speak.
  6. When you have finished speaking, press #. "Recording stopped."
  7. If you would like to add options at his point:
    1. Press 70 then,
      • To add the Urgent option, press 1. To cancel an Urgent option for a message, press 70, then 1 again.
      • To mark a message Private, press 4. To cancel a Private option for a message, press 70, then 4 again.
        NOTE: When you send a message marked Private, recipients in your organization cannot forward it or attach it to another message.
  8. If you would like to add attachments at this point:
    1. Press 70, then 7 for Add Attachment.
    2. Enter the number of the message you want to attach to your unsent message, then press #.
  9. If you want to send the message at this point, press 79. "Message sent."

If for any reason CallPilot can't deliver your message, a message called a Non-Delivery Notification is sent to your mailbox.