When you create a message, you can indicate that you want it handled in a special way by using Message Options:

  • Acknowledge - when you tag a message for Acknowledgment, you receive a notification when each recipient hears your message.
  • Private - if a message is confidential you can tag it as Private. The recipient of the message tagged Private can't forward it.
  • Timed Delivery - when you tag a message with Timed Delivery the message is sent at the date and time you specify.
  • Urgent - and Urgent message is announced when the recipient logs in.

Before sending the message, you can check the options by pressing 72 to play the message envelope.

To Add Message Options on an Unsent Message:

  1. After creating a message and before sending, press 70. "Message options. For Urgent delivery, press 1. For Private, press 4. For Acknowledge, press 5. For Timed Delivery, press 6."
  2. Press the appropriate number.
  3. To send the message, press 79.

Message Options Shortcut

To tag a message without waiting for the prompt, enter the full number of the tag. For example, a message is urgent and private:

  • Enter 701. You hear confirmation of the Urgent tag.
  • Enter 704. You hear confirmation of the Private tag.

Timed Delivery

  1. Press 706. "Delivery (month or day)"
  2. Enter the month or day, whichever was requested, followed by #. The month is entered by its number - 1 for January to 12 for December. To specify the current month or day, press only #. "Delivery time".
  3. Enter the hour or minutes, followed by #. The hour is entered as a number from 1 to 24. For the minutes, the digits 01-59 are entered. For example, 2:01PM is 1401. To specify the current time, press only #. "Your message has been tagged for Timed Delivery (date) (time)."
  4. To send the message, press 79. "Message sent. Your message will be delivered at (date and time)."

Examples of Timed Delivery:

Deliver your message at 3:00pm today. Enter:
Day #
Month #
Hour and Minutes 15#
Deliver your message at 8:05 p.m. on the 15th of December:
Day 15#
Month 12#
Hour and Minutes 2005#