You can play part of all of any message as many times as you like. You can move freely through your mailbox: forward to the next message, backward to the previous, or to a specific message.

To: Press: You'll Hear:
Play the message just described 2 "Start of message. (message)"
Play the next message 6  "(Description of next message)"
Go to the previous message 4  "(Description of previous message)"
Go to a specific message 86
+ message number +
 "(Description of message)"
Pause during playback...

...then continue
 "Playback stopped."

"(Message playback resumes)"
Skip backward 5 seconds at a time 1  "(Earlier part of message)"
Skip forward 5 seconds at a time 3  "(Later part of message)"
Delete the message 76  "Message (number) deleted. (Description of next message)"
Restore the deleted message (within the current session only) 76  "Message (number) restored. (Description of next message)"
More information about the message 72 "(Detailed description of message)"