Annually, current students are encouraged to recognize outstanding MSUN faculty and staff with the "Golden N" award. Any current student may submit a nomination for a faculty or staff member who has supported and contributed to their experience at Montana State University-Northern. ASMSUN Student Senate reviews the nominations and selects the winners. The "Golden N" is considered the most prestigious award an MSU-Northern faculty or staff member can receive because the nominations and selections come from students.

Below are the criteria.

  1. Nominees must be a faculty or non-student staff member of MSU-Northern
  2. Nominees should demonstrate a commitment to adding a long-term positive experience 
  3. Nominees must not have previously received this award.

In 2024, Student Senate created 3 distinct "Golden N" awards:

  • The Excellence in Education Award recognizes a faculty member who has made significant contributions to student success in their role as an educator by exhibiting a commitment to teaching, a passion and enthusiasm for their subject matter, and by maintaining rigorous academic standards and demonstrating a genuine concern for students’ learning.
  • The Name & Story Award recognizes a staff or faculty member who has made significant contributions to student success through relationship building, exhibiting care for students, helping students feel welcomed and respected, increasing students' sense of belonging, supporting students' well-being, and helping students build connections on campus and in the greater community.
  • The Inspirational Educator Award recognizes a staff or faculty member who has made significant contributions to student success by stimulating learning through teaching, advising, mentoring &/or counseling students, modeling a commitment and passion for learning -both in and out of the classroom, and demonstrating an engaging and inspiring presence that motivates and impacts students for lifelong learning.
Year     Golden N Winners  
2024 Kasthuri Udayakumar Casey Donoven Taryn Wallon    
2023 Matt Erdel Maura Gatch Doug Kallenberger Grant Olson Cindy Small
2022 Laura Gomez Carol Reifschneider Amber Spring    
2021 Valerie Guyant Erica McKeon-Hanson Christian Oberquell    
2020 Linda Collins Robert Tate Greg Clouse    
2019 Tammy Boles Jennifer Henderson Sherry Kegel Chad Spangler  
2018  Chris Mouat Byron Ophus Linda Osterman Loren Schlotfeldt  
2017  Jeremy Hoffman Will Taylor Tom Welch    
2016  Liz Leeds Kristi Peterson      
2015  Greg Kegel Kevin Johnson      
2014  Mark Samson Bill Schwartz Barbara Zuck    
2013  Wayne Boysun Becky Nicholson      
2012  William Danley Shawn Huse      
2011  Marianne Hamilton Pamela Wilson      
2010  Joe Callahan Pam Conaster Brenda Skornogoski    
2009 Alan Culp John Donaldson Gary Lawson Trygve Magelson  
2008  Darlene Bricker Stacey Dolezal Sarah Griffith    
2007  Gail Reynolds Joel Soiseth      
2006  Betty Clark Terry Munson      
2005  Suzie Anderson Krista Milligan      
2004  Shauna Albrecht Steven Don      
2003  Joel Brodeur Kevin Mielke      
2002  Sharon Day Lanny Wilke      
2001  Sharon Caven David Ray      
2000  Jason Degele Larry Hanson Rodney Reitan    
1999  Marty Foxman Linda Hoines  Mike Rao    
1998  Steve Jamruszka Ted Spatkowski      
1997  Sue Swan Cameron Worstell      
1996  Denise Brewer Robert Christeck      
1995  Wanda McKinney        
1994  Scott Nessler  Louis Overcast William Shellenberger    
1993  Mavis Filler Marilyn Garrahan      
1992  Bill Lanier        
1991 Val Valdez        
1989 Lynn Ophus        
1987 Cynthia Bryson        
1983 Keith Clawson        
1981 Bill Lisenby        
1975 Joseph R. Crowley        
1970 George Craig         
1967 J. Hugo Aronson         
Others  Helen Allen Bill Byars Conrad Nystrom