Northern Lights Food Court FAQs

How does my meal plan work?
You choose your plan before each semester and that entire amount is placed on your card at the beginning of the semester. Each time you use your meal plan the cost of your meal is deducted from the total. Each time you use your Meal Plan the receipt you are given will have your remaining balance as it is deducted. There is no carry over to the next semester - any unused amount is forfeited at the end of the semester.  

How much is my Meal Plan worth?
Plan A: $1,310/semester
Plan B: $1,860/semester
Plan C: $2,290/semester

What if I run out of money can I still eat in the Dining Hall? 
You can still purchase items by one of the following methods: check, cash, credit/debit card or adding money on to a separate flex account.

When can I change my meal plan?
You will have 2 weeks into the start of classes each semester to change your meal plan.

If I did not select one of the new meal plans, which meal plan will I have?
All students living in the Halls who have not selected a meal plan will be assigned the $1310/semester meal plan.

What are the hours of the Dining Hall?
The Dining Hall will be open 7:00 am until 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday and 10:00am-5:00pm Saturday and Sunday with a limited Weekend Menu.

*Due to COVID19, Hours of operation will allow for an hour between meals for cleaning purposes:

  Monday-Friday Saturday and Sunday as well as designated holidays
  • Breakfast: 7am-10am
  • Lunch: 11am-3pm
  • Dinner: 4pm-7pm
  • Brunch: 10am-1pm
  • Dinner: 2pm-5pm

How will I access my meal plan?
You will need to use your University ID card, the North Card. If you do not have a Card, you are required to have photo ID and your name can be looked up.

Can I let a friend, fellow student, teammate, family member, or anyone else use my Meal Plan?
No, unless you are present with that person and you are purchasing the food for them, no one else is allowed to use your Meal Plan.

What do I do if I see any discrepancies or something doesn't seem correct on my remaining balance on my Meal Plan?
Ask to speak to the Director, she has access to look into your plan and can make any adjustments needed

How do I sign up for the meal plan?
Contact the Business Services at 406-265-3733 or stop by the SUB and they will assist you.

If I live off campus can I still have a meal plan?
Yes! Remember, you can even use your financial aid to purchase a meal if you have enough funds available.
Meal plan only application

Can I allow my parents to put additional funds on my card?
Your parents, you, your boss, anybody can add funds on your flex account. They will need to contact the Business Services office at 406-265-3733 for assistance.