Student Conduct Code

Violations of the Student Conduct Code could result in a variety of disciplinary actions, including suspension or permanent dismissal from the University. Concerns regarding possible violations should be directed to: The Dean of Students, SUB 204, 265-4113.

It is the policy of Montana State University-Northern to respect and encourage each individual's right to express views and opinions, to associate freely with others, and to assemble peacefully. The Student Conduct Code seeks to promote responsible freedom for all students. Responsible freedom is exercised when actions are directed by ethical standards. In order to assure those rights to all members of the Northern community, the General Conduct Code (Policy 601.3) outlines prohibited conduct on the University campus and identifies applicable disciplinary codes under which sanctions can be applied for violation of the stated rules.

Policy #   Title
601.3   Student Conduct Code
601.2   Academic Misconduct
901.1   Vehicle Regulations
1001.7   Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Retaliation
1003.1   Alcoholic Beverages
1003.5   Smoking
1004.4   Firearms, Miscellaneous Weapons, Fireworks and Explosives