Section 900: Physical Plant

Effective: September 2004
Revised: March 2016; April 2022
Last Review: April 2022
Next Review: March 2024
Responsible Party: Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration


I. General:

  1. These regulations are designed to promote vehicle safety and provide self-sustaining quality parking facilities on the Montana State University Northern (MSUN) campus and are applicable to all persons operating motor vehicles on MSUN property. The regulations are part of the terms and conditions of the admission and enrollment of students, of the employment of staff members and the privilege of visitors to operate motor vehicles on campus. These regulations are subject to change, and every effort will be made to keep you informed of any revisions.
  2. The financial basis of these regulations is contained in Montana law. Per MCA §20-25-405, §20-25-402, §20-25-302 and §20-25-312, construction, maintenance and operation of parking facilities must be funded solely from their own revenues.
  3. MSUN assumes no responsibility for care or protection of any vehicle or its contents while operated or parked on campus.
  4. All matters concerning parking and traffic should be referred to MSUN Facilities Services and/or the MSUN Parking and Traffic Committee. Facilities Services is responsible for writing and updating these regulations. The MSUN Parking and Traffic Committee is responsible for reviewing the regulations and making recommendation to the Chancellor. The Chancellor approves revision of the regulations.

II. Jurisdiction:

  1. Parking regulation and enforcement of this policy apply to the entire MSUN campus and its contiguous land area including all MSUN-controlled streets and parking lots, Student Family Housing, Residence Halls and Faculty Housing.

III. Registration and Permits:

  1. Who Must Pay:
    1. There is no free parking for employees or students. Each student at the Havre campus and each employee who parks on Havre campus will pay for parking as outlined below.
  2. Who Must Register:
    1. All students registered for classes at the Havre campus.
    2. All employees at the Havre campus who park on the Havre campus.
  3. Student Access Fees
    1. At registration for classes of any kind each student will be assessed a Student Access Fee as outlined in MSUN Policy 804.11, Campus Access Fees.
    2. The Student Access Fee allows parking in all designated parking spaces except reserved spaces and handicapped spaces.
    3. The Student Access Fee pays for parking of one vehicle on campus.
    4. A student may elect to purchase a yearly Reserved Parking Permit in lieu of paying Student Access Fees during the academic year.
  4. Employee Access Fees
    1. Each employee at the Havre campus who parks on campus will be required to pay an Employee Access Fee as outlined in MSUN Policy 804.11, Campus Access Fees.
    2. The Employee Access Fee allows parking in all designated spaces except reserved spaces and handicapped spaces.
    3. The Employee Access Fee is required for all times of the year including summer session. Employee Access Fees may be purchased by the full year. No semester or prorated option is available. An employee may elect to purchase a yearly Reserved Parking Permit in lieu of paying the Employee Access Fee for that academic year.
    4. Employee Access Fee pays for parking of one vehicle on campus at a time.
    5. Parking spaces are provided for employees and students who pay the access fee for the specific purpose of traveling to and from campus along with campus business.
  5. Reserved Parking
    1. A limited number of spaces will be designated as reserved and a permits for reserved spaces will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis each year at the beginning of the academic year. The permit fee is as described in MSUN Policy 804.11, Campus Access Fees.
    2. A permit holder from the current year will have the option to purchase the same space for the ensuing year.
    3. Employees or students may purchase reserved parking permits/spaces.
    4. Students must pay for a reserved permit in lump sum. Employees may elect to pay in lump sum or by paycheck withholding on the same schedule as Employee Access Fees. Fee is for full year only. No prorating for employees. Semester option for students is available.
    5. Reserved spaces will be enforced only from the hours of 7:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.
  6. Visitor Parking
    1. Free parking for visitors is a gesture of good will and public relations. Other than fees, visitors are subject to the same parking regulations and enforcement as students and employees.
    2. Visitors who have short-term business may use the 30-minute spaces as outlined below.
    3. Visitors who require parking for a period of time longer than 30 minutes may park in any available space other than reserved and handicapped spaces (unless of course, the visitor displays a handicapped permit).
    4. Visitors are subject to the same regulations under IV; B and C as students and employees, including towing.
  7. Short Term Parking:
    1. 30-minute parking spaces are provided around campus for convenience of visitors as well as employees and students who have short-term business and cannot find a regular parking space.
    2. Parking of over 30 minutes or abuse of this privilege such as moving a vehicle frequently from space to space to avoid citations will be considered a violation.
  8. Vehicles Used as Part of Instruction:
    1. Vehicles used for instruction or for student projects in Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology and similar programs may be parked in the yards provided for this purpose. Such vehicles shall be clearly marked with a tag or sign on the dashboard.
    2. Abuse of this privilege by parking of Student or Employee vehicles in the yards for Instructional Vehicles is basis for citation and towing.
  9. Handicapped Parking
    1. Persons with valid handicapped stickers, hangtags or plates may park in designated spaces.
    2. “Temporarily handicapped persons” with temporary handicapped permits may park in any handicapped space. Persons requesting a temporary handicapped permit must obtain such permit from Director of Student Health Services or the Coordinator of Accessibility Services. Permits thus issued are valid for up to a 2-week period. Beyond this initial period, persons must have written justification from an appropriate physician. Temporary handicapped permits are properly affixed only when suspended from the interior rearview mirror of the vehicle or displayed on the vehicle dashboard.
  10. Responsibility
    1. The operator and/or owner of a vehicle shall be responsible for all violations recorded against the vehicle.

IV. Enforcement

  1. Authority:
    1. Business Services (Business Office) has sole authority for enforcement of the Vehicle Regulations, including the authority to issue ticket books to appointed personnel.
  2. Laws and Regulations:
    1. State laws and University regulations will be enforced on the campus of Montana State University-Northern at all times. Drivers of vehicles on the MSUN campus shall comply with all signs, markings and devices properly placed by MSUN Facilities Services staff for the purpose of regulating, warning or guiding traffic.
    2. The City of Havre Police have been requested to patrol the MSUN-controlled streets at their discretion in order to enforce moving violations and investigate accidents.
    3. The speed limit on all MSUN streets is 15 MPH unless otherwise posted.
    4. No vehicle may be parked in any MSUN parking area while such vehicle is disabled.
    5. No vehicle may be parked overnight in any MSUN parking area for the purpose of selling the vehicle. If any vehicle with signs indicating it is for sale remains more than 24 hours, the Havre Police will be notified.
    6. Any vehicle parked in an area or parking space marked as "tow away," any vehicle in violation of these regulations such that towing is a prescribed option or any vehicle parked so as to constitute a hazard, or which interferes with MSUN operations, or is inoperable, may be towed away and impounded at the discretion of Facilities Services. The owner of the vehicle will be liable for towing and impoundment costs and all risks involved. Any unclaimed, impounded vehicles will be disposed of pursuant to State Law.
    7. No parking will be allowed in service drives or service vehicle parking without MSUN Contractors hangtag visibly displayed in windshield. No parking in loading zones or at other curbs marked with yellow for longer than 15 minutes and then only for the purpose of discharging or loading cargo or passengers. If said vehicle is parked in the above areas for more than one hour, it may be towed. Any vehicle, other than a marked MSUN service vehicle, parked in such areas must have the emergency flashers on.
    8. No parking at any time is permitted in areas marked with red curbing or in crosswalks or walkways. Such parked vehicles may be towed at the discretion of Facilities Services to preserve pedestrian safety and emergency vehicle access.
    9. Towing as defined and authorized herein and all liabilities and associated with such towing will be at the expense of the vehicle owner/driver.
    10. Pedestrians always have the right of way, in or not in crosswalks.
    11. The position of any vehicle, when parked, shall be such that the entire vehicle is located within the boundaries of the parking space. The fact that other vehicles are parked improperly shall not constitute an excuse for parking any part of the vehicle on or over any line.
    12. Bicycles:
      1. Under State of Montana statutes, bicycles are considered vehicles and should be operated accordingly insofar as possible. Bicycles shall obey all traffic signals, ride on the right side of the road and yield to pedestrians.
      2. Bicycles may not be ridden on campus sidewalks.
      3. All bicycles shall be parked in bicycle racks. Bicycles locked to trees, railings, signs, lampposts, or anywhere they pose a safety hazard or damage property or have not moved in a period of 30 days are subject to impoundment. Bicycles in buildings, except in the family housing area, are also subject to impoundment.
      4. Impoundment will involve either removing the bicycle or locking it in position if it does not create a safety hazard. If locked by a Facilities Services staff, it will be released only upon request to the Facilities Services Administrative Office, and only as staff is available. The owner will be cited for a violation and must provide some proof of ownership (such as a key or combination to the existing lock) before the bicycle will be released.
    13. Motorcycles, ATV's, UTV's, Golf Carts:
      1. All motorcycles and other similar licensed and road-approved two-wheeled, three-wheeled, and four-wheeled motor vehicles are allowed only on roadways and in parking areas, except for campus service vehicles and official campus business. They are not allowed on bicycle paths, sidewalks or service accesses.
      2. Off-road and all-terrain vehicles not licensed or road-ready shall not be used on the campus with the exception of MSUN service vehicles.
  3. Violations and Fines:
    1. The Regents of the Montana University System have been authorized by legislative action to levy fines against university faculty, staff, students and visitors for violation of parking, traffic or registration violations.
    2. The fine for each violation, other than unauthorized use of a handicapped parking space, shall be an amount approved by the Board of Regents. Violations are classified as follows.
      1. Parking on the wrong side of the street.
      2. Parking in an MSUN lawn or other area not designated for parking.
      3. Bicycle parked in wrong area, not in bicycle rack.
      4. Car parked in motorcycle area.
      5. Car parked on or over the line.
      6. Non-service vehicle parked in loading or service zone for more than 15 minutes (tow-away after 1 hour).
      7. Non-service vehicle parked in designated service vehicle parking or service driveways (tow-away)
      8. Parking in designated no-parking zone (tow-away).
      9. Parking in designated fire lane (tow away).
      10. Parking in a red curb zone (tow-away).
      11. Parking in a yellow curb zone.
      12. Blocking trash dumpster or fire hydrant (tow-away).
      13. Parking in crosswalk (tow-away)
      14. Parking on sidewalk, except for MSUN service vehicles providing various campus services or repairs (tow-away)
      15. Parking in reserved parking space of another person. Multiple violations may be issued, but no more than one ticket per half-hour and 10 tickets per day.
      16. Parking longer than 30 minutes in 30-minute parking or moving a vehicle from one 30-minute space to another to avoid citation. Multiple violations may be issued, but no more than one ticket per 30 minutes and 4 tickets per day.
      17. Parking private vehicle in lots reserved for vehicles intended for class work.
      18. Other violation due to safety hazard or impeding MSUN business (may be tow-away).
    3. Use of handicapped parking space without properly displayed handicapped permit or handicapped license plates will be a $100 fine and subject to towing.
    4. Driving improperly: Fines assessed by the campus judicial officer, Dean of Students, (see campus policy, Student Conduct 601.3) plus costs for repairing any damage.
    5. Any vehicle not registered with Business Services will have the license plate number checked with Montana Motor Vehicles or other state's equivalent agency and will be subject to the appropriate fines plus the cost of obtaining the vehicle registration information plus the cost of an Employee Access Fee if found to be an employee who has not paid.
    6. Business Services will maintain a list of employees who have paid the Employee Access Fee. Any employee not on the list who is believed to be parking on campus may have the license plate number checked with Montana Motor Vehicles or other state's equivalent agency and, if found to have not paid the Employee Access Fee, will be subject to the cost of obtaining the vehicle registration information plus the cost of an Employee Access Fee.
  4. Appeals:
    1. Authority:
      1. The MSUN Parking and Traffic Committee has sole authority for appeal of parking violations and fines.
      2. The Parking and Traffic Committee is composed of faculty, staff and students and is appointed by the Chancellor.
    2. If a person wishes to appeal a fine, he/she must appear at the MSUN Business Office within 10 calendar days of the date of the ticket and file a notice of appeal. All appeals will be heard by the Parking and Traffic Committee. Fines upheld by the Parking and Traffic Committee must be paid by the end of the semester or Summer Session.
    3. MSUN is authorized by Montana statute, with a court order, to withhold the amount of any unpaid parking fines from any amount owing any student, employee or faculty member.
    4. Student transcripts may also be held for unpaid parking fines and unpaid fines may be added to class registration fees for collection purposes.
  5. Special Conditions and Emergencies.
    1. Under special conditions and in emergencies, the Facilities Services and Chancellor's Office may impose parking limitations as required.
    2. Any accident involving a vehicle on MSUN property must immediately be reported, first to the Havre Police for investigative purposes and then to the Facilities Services Administrative Office (265-3755). Business hours for Facilities Services are 8:00 A.M. through 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.
    3. Towed vehicles may not be left on campus detached from the towing vehicle and unattended unless authorized. Arrangements for the temporary parking of trailers or other recreational vehicles and equipment may be made with the Facilities Services Administrative Office (265-3755). University Policy No. 901.2 regulates camping on campus.
    4. For liability reasons, parking or driving of private vehicles (vehicles other than State vehicles) in the fenced Physical Plant yard is prohibited except for authorized loading and unloading and for authorized vendors and contractors.
    5. Parking of private vehicles in the paved area immediately to the South of the Physical Plant is prohibited except for vendor/contractor vehicles.