Benefits Information for Administrative & Professional Employees

Leave available for use after 6 months, with supervisor approval.

Vacation Leave Accrual Rates
Years of Service

Days Per Year

Hours per Biweekly

Per Hour Work
1-10 years 15 4.62 .0578
11-15 years 18 5.54 .0693
16-20 years 21 6.46 .0808
Over 20 years 24 7.38 .0923

Balance can be double what you earn in a calendar year, if excess must use by March 31st.
Upon leaving Montana State University-Northern (MSUN), paid out for all of available leave balance. 

Sick Leave

Leave available for use after 90 days, with supervisor approval.

Sick Leave Accrual Rate
Hours Per Biweekly

Per hr worked



Sick leave can be used for the employee and the employee’s immediate family.
No limit on accumulated balance.
Upon leaving MSUN, paid out for a quarter of the current available leave balance. 


List of MSU-Northern holidays and dates observed.   
Follows applicable Board of Regents policies (Policies 708.1.1, 801.5).
MSUN Academic Calendar


Biweekly payroll.
Payday is every other Wednesday.
See the Payroll Schedule.

Insurance Plan -

Employer contributes dollar amount, allows the employee to select the options that best fit their situation.

  • Medical - Required - Blue Cross Blue Shield (Managed Care)
  • Dental - Required - Coverage through Delta Dental - Select or Basic plans available
  • Basic Life Insurance - Required
  • Long Term Disability - Required
  • Vision Hardware Coverage - Optional
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment - Optional

Total of the above options less the Employer Contribution is the Before Tax Cost to the employee.

  • Flex Plan - Optional - Before Tax Cost - Can contribute toward: Medical Care Reimbursement Plan or Dependent Care Reimbursement Plan
  • Supplemental Life Insurance - Optional - After Tax Cost
  • Dependent Life Insurance - Optional - After Tax Cost


Administrative and Professional staff participate in TIAA CREF.
Employee contributes 7.044% of gross pay and employer contributes 5.956% of gross pay.
Defined Contribution program, immediate vesting. Allows employee to select the allocation of their investments.

Tuition Waivers

Administrative and Professional staff can receive a waiver of tuition for any Montana University System classes taken while employed at MSUN. The tuition waiver is for up to 6 credit hours per semester. Forms are available online, in the Human Resources Office, and in the Business Services.  The MUS Dependent Partial Tuition Waiver Application is also available.

Contact Human Resources
406.265.3568 or 406.265.3789