Academic Program Assessment

Academic program assessment is overseen by the Provost and guided by the Institutional Assessment Committee (IAC), which includes faculty representatives. The IAC's Academic Program Assessment subcommittee communicates the assessment cycle process and timeline to the institution and collaborates with the Office of Teaching and Learning Excellence (OTLE) to provide training to faculty as they participate in the assessment of their respective programs.

Early-Bird Deadline: May 30 each year
Final Deadline: September 30 each year

Instructions — Read Carefully

Program areas must submit an assessment report for each degree (including minors) each year.

  • Log in to the MSUN Program Assessment Sharepoint Site. Use your and password. Find your program's folder and the previous year. The plan file starts with "AP" and the review file starts with "REV."

Note: You have read-only access to these folders and cannot edit documents or upload files here directly.

  • After reviewing your feedback from the review committee and the prior year's plan, use the AR template to create your report.
  • Label your file:  AR_YEAR-YEAR_PROGRAM_DEGREE (Example: AR_2022-2023_BIOLOGY_BS)
  • For appendices, include them in the main document or create separate files labeled as such: AR_2022-2023_BIOLOGY_BS_APPENDIX
  • Submit your report files through the submission link below.


  • Use the AP template to create your plan for the upcoming year. If the plan has not changed, simply resubmit with the updated file name.
  • Label your file:  AP_YEAR-YEAR_PROGRAM_DEGREE
    (Example: AP_2023-2024_BIOLOGY_BS)
  • For appendices, include them in the main document or create separate files labeled as such: AP_2023-2024_BIOLOGY_BS_APPENDIX
  • Submit your plan files through the submission link below.
  • Important: Ensure that you are building the critical assessments identified in your plan into your your program's curriculum for this upcoming/current year. 



Assessment Report template
Assessment Plan template

Evaluation and Reporting Process

The Academic Program Assessment subcommittee, consisting of College Chairs, Academic Senate President, and AAC faculty representatives will:

  • use the Assessment Report Evaluation Rubric to evaluate submitted plans and reports and ensure continuous improvement in the program assessment process
  • create an annual report regarding assessment progress to the Accreditation and Assessment Committee (AAC)


Past Plans and Reports
Past plans & reports (including Taskstream reports) can be accessed on the MSUN Academic Program Assessment SharePoint Site.

Other Resources
Handout: 2021 recommendations from the MSUN assessment review committee
Handout: Why we do academic assessment and how it works at MSUN

Tips for writing effective, measurable program learning outcomes

***The templates and evaluation rubric on this page were adapted from models provided by the MSU-Billings Office of Assessment & Accreditation.***