Mission Statement:
Tutoring Central at MSU-Northern is here to serve our student population in a supportive environment through tutoring in the high-impact areas of writing and mathematics at all skill levels.  Tutoring may also be available, according to demand, in lower division courses, as resources allow.

Operating Statement:
The Tutoring Committee identifies and hires student tutors in high-impact areas, plans and supports training opportunities for tutors, and advocates for support for tutoring on campus with and beyond grant programs.  The committee also promotes awareness of tutoring services on campus to faculty, staff, coaches, and students.

Dr. Gwen Hart:  Chair and Assistant Professor of English
Ms. Carmen Lunak:  Director of Student Support Services
Ms. Pat Blankenship: Program Coordinator in Student Support Services
Ms. Alissa Cook:  Project Director, NASNTI/Little River Institute
Mr. Keith Jensen:  Assistant Professor of Diesel Technology
Dr. Casey Donoven:  Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Giuseppe Cortese:  Associate Professor of Biology
Dr. Valerie Guyant:  Associate Professor of English
Mr. Corey Kopp:  Dean of Students
Provost (ad hoc)