Welcome to the FAQ's page!

Take a look at some FAQ's below to see if you can find the answer you're looking for. If for some reason you aren't finding what you need, please don't hesitate to contact us at 406.265.3706 for questions!

How do I sign into my library account?

You can sign into your library account from the library’s catalog in the top right corner “Sign In” using your NetID/Password credentials.

How do I find databases or journal articles?

Databases that include journal articles can be found through the library’s website. There are 2 different access points depending on what you need:

  1.  "I need a database for my ____ class." Go to the library's Subject Guide. Here you will find databases separated out by subject.
  2. "I need to get to a specific database." Go to the library's A-Z Database Guide and look for your database name.

How do I log into the student computers?

Enter your NetID username and password.

How do I log onto WiFi?

Select WiFi "Northern_Guest." It does not require authentication to access.

Does the library proctor tests?

Yes! The Testing Center in the library proctors exams.

Can I print something in color?

Yes! $.25/page will be deducted from your ID card's print balance.

Can I make copies?

Yes!  Students and employees can use the scanner to scan the pages you need to a .PDF and send it to your email.  You can open your email from any student lab computer and print your scanned documents.

For larger photocopy and print requests with a range of paper colors and finishes, contact the Copy Center located in the library.

Can I print from my laptop?

Campus printers are not set up to allow for laptop printing but we do have a few work-around methods to enable students to print by migrating the document they have on their laptop to a student lab computer. Options:

  1. Save your document on your laptop to a flash drive and plug that flash drive into a lab computer, open that document and print.
  2. Email yourself the document and open your email on a lab computer, open document and print.

Library Fines

The library does not change overdue fines however, if material is lost or damaged, the patron will be charged $30.00 per item replacement.


Most books in the library may be borrowed for 3 weeks. One automatic renewal is allowed.

Hold for non-return items

All library materials are subject to recall. It is not possible to renew an item on which a "Hold" has been placed by another borrower.

Computer Use

Computers can be accessed by non-Northern community members when resources allow. MSUN students are the priority so community members may be asked to leave if a student needs to use a computer. Minors may occasionally be in the library and library staff will enforce the Montana Code Annotated 48-8201-206 regarding public display of obscene materials to minors

Additional Policies