Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Student Support Services (SSS)?
    SSS is a federally funded program designed to help qualified students achieve academic success, promote personal growth, and help improve student retention through a variety of resources. These include tutoring, computer access, academic/personal counseling, financial planning, course planning, workshops and social activities, and much more.
  2. Are services free?
    Yes! Qualified students do not pay for our services. 

  3. Do I get free printing?
    Yes! Free printing is available in the tutor lab for all SSS participants. 

  4. I heard SSS is for failing students only, is this true?
    No! Most of the students using SSS are first generation students, meaning their parents did not attend/graduate college. This does not mean they are failing their courses. Many of our students are in good academic standing, or better. In fact, 84% of MSUN students qualify for this program!! We are here to help guide you through the world of higher education. 

  1. Do I have to have a learning disability in order to participate in SSS?
    No! There are several ways to qualify for SSS. Being a first generation student, of a low income background, or other academic need are all factors to help you qualify. Some students may have a recognized disability, but that is not a requirement to participate in SSS. First generational students and low income background are the prevailing qualifying factors. Again, 84% of MSUN students qualify for this program!
  2. Do you have course specific tutoring?
    Yes! Tutoring Central at MSU-Northern is a collaborative effort of Trio/Student Support Services, the Little River Institute, the Math Lab as well as faculty to provide MSU-Northern students with the best available tutors to meet individual student needs. Tutoring Central includes professional tutors and student tutors approved by faculty. If you have a request for tutoring, please e-mail and you will be placed with a tutor who specializes in your requested subject area.
  3. Do you offer scholarships?
    In the past, we have been able to offer scholarships. Scholarship availability will differ each year, depending on the program budget and funds available for allocation. We also offer assistance in helping students apply for any scholarships, not just our own.
  4. What are the SSS tutoring lab hours?
    The SSS offices and tutor lab are open M-F 8am-5pm.
  5. Do I need an appointment?
    Yes. In order to help you find the best tutor possible for your needs, SSS has teamed up with Tutoring Central, The Little River Institute, and faculty to meet individual student needs. To arrange an appointment to meet with a tutor email: Be sure to specify what courses/subjects you are looking for help with.
  6. Can I email tutors?
    Each tutor has a preferred method of communication.
  7. Do you have a Facebook?
    Yes! It's a great way to see what new events and workshops are taking place!
  8. Where are the offices located?
    SSS is located in Cowan Hall on the MSU-Northern campus in room 211.

  9. Can I participate if I’m an online student?
    Yes! As long as you qualify for the program, you can participate.
  10. Does signing up for SSS appear on my transcripts?
    No. there is no record of participation in SSS noted on your transcripts.