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MSUN TRIO Student Support Services

We are proud to partner with the Department of Education to offer TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) at Montana State University-Northern. MSUN TRIO SSS Scholars receive unsurpassed support from a committed team of staff, student tutors and mentors from the moment they enroll through graduation.

Tutoring and Mentoring Financial Literacy and Career Exploration Workshops and Events

We are here to help you succeed!

Our goal is to provide you with the support and skills needed to remain in college and complete a degree program by creating a personalized Academic Success and Career Plan. This plan, combined with the effort of our team and your personal motivation to succeed, will help guide your first days as a TRIO SSS Scholar through graduation.

SSS provides its participants with tutoring, mentoring, advising, disability services, a private computer lab, and a quiet study area. Our center also comes fully stocked with each years required textbooks for participants to utilize on site. You will always have a friendly, safe place to come visit, study, or relax in SSS!

Grant Aid

Student Support Services Grant Aid is a financial award available to eligible participants. Our SSS program has a total of $10,000 available to award to active participants each academic year based on the below criteria. Ask us how to apply today!


Good Academic Standing Increased Graduation Rates Retained Participants Increased Retention Rates

Our Mission

The TRIO Student Support Service program at Montana State University-Northern is committed to increasing the rates of academic achievement, retention, and graduation among historically underrepresented students. This is accomplished by assisting them with short-term decision making and long term planning, as well as providing resources and individualized support services that facilitate their ability to become effective agents of their own learning and personal development.