Mission Statement:

Our mission is to prepare counselors who have developed sound practical skills through experimental learning; who have acquired a comprehensive theoretical knowledge base; who hold a strong counselor identity; and who possess the personal dispositions necessary to work in various professional settings with diverse clientele.

Program Responsibilities:

We believe we have responsibilities to current graduate candidates and to their future clients. Additionally, we believe we have the responsibility to collaborate with the communities within which it works, to continue to grow as a program, and to model professional involvement and identity. 

Program Objectives

  • The program will prepare and graduate skilled, knowledgeable, self-aware and self-reflective counselors who are prepared academically to seek licensure.
  • The program will support faculty to collaborate with the community, its agencies and schools, to aid in learning opportunities for graduate students. 
  • The program will continually evaluate the curriculum, practices, and requirements to promote the highest quality education.
  • The program will support faculty to model professional identity through involvement in professional organizations, attaining leadership positions.

Program Learning Outcomes for Counselor Education, MEd:

  • The graduate candidate implements sound practical therapeutic and relational skills that reflect current practice 
  • The graduate candidate possesses a comprehensive theoretical knowledge base that can be integrated and transferred to effective counseling relationships and techniques.
  • The graduate candidates expresses a strong counselor identity through involvement and participation in professional organizations, advocacy, trainings, workshops, seminars, or other continuing educations opportunities
  • The graduate candidate demonstrates a self-aware and self-reflective stance that allows for growth and the personal dispositions necessary to work in the counseling field

Degree Offered

Degree Options Program Description
Counselor Education School Counseling ~or~ Clinical Mental Health Counseling Academic Map

Admission Application Instructions:

First Step:

              - An MSU-Northern application is needed regardless of new admission and/or re-admission

              - Costs: $30 for new application fee/$0 for re-application fee

              - Transcripts must be sent from ANY institution you have attended in which you have taken classes

Second Step:

  • Once admitted to MSU-Northern, call the Program Assistant for Graduate Studies, at 406.265.3735 with this information:

              - Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Email Address

              - 3 Letters of Recommendation

              - Letter of Intent (limit 1 page)

              - Autobiography (limit 5 pages) 

              - Resume 

              - Simple Background Check - $20. Fill out the form completely or it will be returned.

                 Send back form and money to the following address:

                     Graduate Education Office, Cowan Hall #309
                     ATTN: Program Associate
                     P.O. Box 7751

                     Havre, MT 59501

              - Class Registration Form - Complete and submit to the Program Associate at 406.265.3735

Admission Deadlines:

  • Fall Semester: Last Monday of July to contact the Graduate Education Program to seek admission to the program.

Counselor Education Graduates Seeking Licensure

Counselor Education graduates who complete an approved program of study and meet high academic standards (cumulative GPA of 3.0) are eligible to apply for a school counseling license and/or a clinical professional counselor license. For school counseling graduates, students must make an application for licensure through the Montana Office of Public Instruction. For clinical mental health counseling graduates, students must make an application for licensure through the Montana Board of Behavioral Health. All applications for licensure will be reviewed on the basis of the rules under which the license is issued.

Faculty & Staff


Joyce Mphande-FinnJoyce Mphande-Finn, Ed.D., LCPC, LMHC, NCC
Associate Professor of Graduate Studies
joyce.mphandefinn@msun.edu | 406.265.3521 | Bio | CV