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The program offers hands-on curriculum aimed at providing systematic education, relevant work-experience, technical skills, and personal development over the course of 4 years.  It is an excellent program for undecided students as well as those with interest in public health, healthcare, athletics, or fitness. Students earning a bachelor's degree in the Integrated Health Sciences program can choose one of the two concentrations, or add a minor to any MSUN Bachelors Degree: 1) Exercise Science path, 2) Pre-Professional Path  or 3) Minor in Integrated Health Sciences. 

Students of the health sciences are encouraged to gain practical experience in the field of health. They can achieve this through cooperative learning credits, community service, campus involvement through sports and clubs, and assistantships with coaches and athletic trainers.

Mission Statement

To teach students how to empower others through psych-motor, cognitive, and affective development in the medical, public health, and fitness settings.

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Career Opportunities for Integrated Health Sciences Graduates

Graduates of MSU-Northern's Integrated Health Sciences program pursue employment as health educators, consultants, community health specialists and health coordinators. They find jobs at government agencies, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and community-based organizations. Many graduates also, apply to graduate programs throughout the country in allied health and health related programs, leading to careers , such as physical therapy, and athletic training. 

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Integrated Health Sciences

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Gabe Benevidez