Integrated Health Sciences Degree

Start Broad and Find your path within a Degree

The first two years of the Integrated Health Sciences degree prepare the students to choose the concentration area that they would like to pursue for their degree. After making their choice, students will continue with more individualized courses in their chosen path of either Pre-Professional, Community Health, or Exercise Science. Students will graduate prepared to help clients, patients, athletes, or students with affective, cognitive, and physical development. 

Students of the health sciences are encouraged to gain practical experience in the field of health. They can achieve this through cooperative learning credits, community service, campus involvement through sports and clubs, and assistantships with coaches and athletic trainers.

Pre-Professional Path

Students in the Pre-Professional path focus on pre-requisites, experiences and coursework for graduate school of physical therapy , occupational therapy, athletic training, physician assistance programs, and more.  

Community Health Path 

 Students in the Community Health path focus on course work that prepare them to successfully pass the certified health education specialist exam that students take the second half of senior year.  Community Health students are prepared to lead health programs in public health and health care settings.

Exercise Science path

Students in the Exercise Science path focus on course work that prepares them to successfully pass the certification exams through the American College of Sports Medicine or the National Strength and Conditioning Association in the senior year. Exercise science students are prepared to work in health care, fitness, and sport environments. 

Career Opportunities for Integrated Health Sciences Graduates

Graduates of MSU-Northern's Integrated Health Sciences program pursue employment as health educators, consultants, community health specialists and health coordinators. They find jobs at government agencies, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and community-based organizations. Many graduates also, apply to graduate programs throughout the country in allied health and health related programs, leading to careers , such as physical therapy, and athletic training. 


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