Transfer Agreements

Notice: Higher education curriculum changes frequently. Agreements based on changing curricula must be viewed as "snapshots" of curricula at a point in time. In addition, such agreements are subject to the approval and interpretation of a number of people in each institution. No transfer articulation agreement can be viewed as a guarantee that the courses or programs to which it refers will exist, or be equivalent, in the future. MSU-Northern attempts to maintain timely and accurate information on this and linked documents, but variations may occur. In such cases, please contact the MSU-Northern Registrar for reconciliation of errors, discrepancies, or disagreements. It is our intent to maximize access to and progress through Northern's programs. It is our policy that students should receive credit for knowledge and competencies that they have acquired prior to their matriculation at the University. Please use the following information to assist us in the process of recognizing your knowledge and competencies. If the information does not serve that end, or if additional information is needed, please call the Registrar. Thank you.


MSU-Northern's Online Transfer Equivalency Guide
Please Note: Courses listed in the MSU-Northern column of the Transfer Equivalency Guide with a "XFER" prefix indicate courses accepted as "electives".

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