University Advisory Council has as its primary goal the facilitation of intra-campus communication, with a particular focus on review and approval of policies and general discussion of institutional issues, opportunities, and challenges.

Meeting monthly, each agenda will include

  • Items for action (e.g., policies);
  • Issues of institution-wide emphasis/concern;
  • updates from all attending; and
  • updates from all standing committees

Members of Core Leadership Team, Academic Council, and Chancellor's Council other than the Executive Committee are ex officio members and can attend at any time.

Membership includes (46 total, including Chancellor's Executive Assistant):
Chancellor Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management
Dean of Students Director, Admissions and Student Records Assistant Registrar and Veteran Certification
Chief Diversity Officer/Tribal Liaison Chief Information Officer President, Academic Senate
Director of Human Resources President, Student Senate Union representative, Faculty
Director of University Relations Director, Career Services & Industry Relations Union representative, Staff
Dean, College of Arts, Sciences & Education Dean, College of Technical Sciences Dean of College of Health Sciences
Faculty Chair, Arts, Sciences & Education Faculty Chair, College of Technical Sciences Director, Financial Aid
Director of Athletics Controller Director of Facilities Services
Director, Library Director of Bookstore Director, Student Health Services
Director, Student Activities Director, Dining Services Coordinator of Accessibility Resources
Executive Director/CEO of Montana State University Northern Foundation Director, Student Support Services Faculty at large (2) & Staff at large (2)
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor: responsible for minutes, follow-up on assigned tasks