Travel Information

MSU-Northern Policies
1006 MSU-Northern Travel
1006.1 State of MT Vehicle Use Policy

Board of Regents Policy and Procedures
1002.2 – Vehicle Policy and Procedures

Employees traveling on behalf of MSU-Northern must read the following policy and complete the attached form to comply with the Montana State Vehicle Use Policy.
  Vehicle Use Policy & Form (PDF)

State of Montana Department of Administration
Travel Policy, lodging rates and mileage reimbursement rates are found in the Montana Operations Manual (MOM) under Travel
(external link)


If a rental is needed:
  Budget Rental
  Contact: Rose for pricing &  information

Personal Car Mileage Effective 1-Jan-2021: Personal Vehicle Use Authorization form
$.27/mile   Standard Rate, No maximum per month
$.56/mile   0 <= 1000 miles per month
$.53/mile   >1000 miles per month
$.15/mile   Medical/Moving
$1.15/nautical mile   Private airplane usage
MDT Distance Calculator for MT cities
Google Maps  (for cities not listed on the MDT site)


Meal   In State Out of State Foreign
Breakfast   $7.50 $13.00 $7.00
(must leave before 7am)
Lunch   $8.50 $14.00 $11.00
(must leave before 12 Noon or return after 1pm)
Dinner   $14.50 $23.00 $18.00
(must leave before 6pm or return after 6pm)
Total Per Day   $30.50 $50.00 $36.00
Meals are reported as taxable income if you do not stay overnight. Also, per diem meals cannot be claimed if provided with registration for a conference or meeting.


Lodging Rages  In and Out of State Foreign 
Standard Rate $96 $155
High-Cost Rate See GSA website for rates