Travel Information

MSU-Northern Policies
1006 MSU-Northern Travel
1006.1 State of MT Vehicle Use Policy

Board of Regents Policy and Procedures
1002.2 – Vehicle Policy and Procedures

Employees traveling on behalf of MSU-Northern must read the following policy and complete the attached form to comply with the Montana State Vehicle Use Policy.
  Vehicle Use Policy & Form (PDF)

State of Montana Department of Administration
Travel Policy, lodging rates and mileage reimbursement rates are found in the Montana Operations Manual (MOM) under Travel
(external link)

Business Services
  Travel Request Instructions (PDF)
  Travel Request Form (PDF)

  Travel Expense Instructions (PDF)
  Travel Expense Form 2018 (Excel)
   Travel Expense form 2019 (Excel)

  Team Travel Request-Athletics (Excel)
  Team Travel Request-Clubs (Excel)
  Team/Club Advance Reconciliation Form

  Report of Incident Form (PDF)

Get a Map or Directions:Link: Google Maps


The Motor Pool is no longer available.

If no state car is available and a rental is needed:
  Budget Rental
  Contact: Rose for pricing &  information

Personal Car Mileage
Effective 1-Jan-2019:
$.279/mile   Standard Rate, No maximum per month
$.580/mile   0 <= 1000 miles per month
$.550/mile   >1000 miles per month
$.18/mile   Medical/Moving
$1.09/nautical mile   Private airplane usage
MDT Distance Calculator for MT cities
Google Maps  (for cities not listed on the MDT site)


Meal   In State Out of State Foreign
Breakfast   $5.00 $13.00 $7
(must leave before 7am)
Lunch   $6.00 $14.00 $11
(must leave before 12 Noon or return after 1pm)
Dinner   $12.00 $23.00 $36
(must leave before 6pm or return after 6pm)
Meals are reported as taxable income if you do not stay overnight. Also, per diem meals cannot be claimed if provided with registration for a conference or meeting.


Effective 1-Jan-2019:
  In- and Out-of-Sate Foreign
Standard Rate $94 $155
High-Cost Rate
(Flathead, Gallatin, Lake, Lewis and Clark, and Missoula)
See GSA website for rates