Section 800: Financial Affairs

804.2   Faculty and Staff Tuition Waivers
804.3   Course Fees
804.5   Returned Check Fee
804.11   Campus Access Fees
804.15   Contingent Revolving Fund Checks
804.16   Short Term Loans
804.20   Rapid Invoice Processing
807.1   Payment or Expense Reimbursement for University Employees by Affiliated Organizations
807.2   Acceptance and Processing of Gifts
810   Cashier Activity
810.1   Follow-up on Accounts Receivable
840.16   Agency Requisitions and Purchase Orders
840.17   Capital Purchases
850.1   Personal Services, Accounting, Contracts and Grants
850.2   Compensation in Excess of Contracted Salary
850.3   Employee and Student Incentive Awards

Section 900: Physical Plant

901.1   Vehicle Regulations
901.2   Camping
903.1   University Property and Facilities Rental and Use
903.2   Unauthorized Use of Property or Facilities
903.3   Property and Capital Equipment: Keys to University Buildings
903.4   Space Assignment and Management
903.5   Control of University-Owned Property
903.6   Tailgating and Parking
904.1   Hiring Security Guards for Concerts, Athletic Events, Book Buy Back, etc.
905.1   Office Hours
906   No Smoking - Montana Clean Indoor Air Act
907   Hazard Communications