Ford Maintenance & Light Repair (MLR) MTP


**Manufacturer Training Program: manufacturer training programs are not University degrees.**

Program Overview

For those who've decided to pursue a livelihood in an automotive technologies career, enrolling in the Ford Maintenance and Light Repair Technical Career Entry Program is a great way to help prepare you for an exciting future. Ford is committed to finding and retaining the best technicians available. This program allows participants to obtain the best training available in automotive technologies. The goal is to provide knowledgeable, capable individuals who will enter a Ford, Lincoln Mercury dealership prepared for and confident in their future.

This program is integrated into our Associate of Applied Science Degree in Automotive Technology and provides you with technical competency at a professional level. It was developed by the Ford Motor Company to prepare students with the basic skills needed to gain employment as a Maintenance and Light Repair technician. Students will receive extensive hands-on experience servicing late model Ford or Lincoln Mercury vehicles.

Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR) Curriculum

  • Electrical Systems and Power Accessories
    Covers basic electrical systems, testing of the battery and operation, testing and repair of the charging and starting circuits.
  • Climate Control
    Focuses on the design characteristics and principles of automotive heating and air conditioning with emphasis on theory, operation, maintenance and repair.
  • Alignment, Suspension and Steering
    This course covers the design, construction and operation of suspension and steering systems, wheel alignment and wheel balancing. Also includes a look at the diagnosis/repair of the steering gears and alignment of the front end.
  • Automotive Brakes
    Covers the design, construction and operation of various brake systems, as well as power assist units and anti-lock brake systems. Includes diagnosis, repair and replacement of various components.

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Career Opportunities

This program is designed to prepare students for entry level positions as Automotive Technicians for Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealerships. Because Ford certification is known for its rigorous standards, the MLR certificate will offer a substantial advantage to graduates seeking employment in dealerships and service facilities. Experienced Maintenance and Light Repair technicians may advance to "Ford Master Technician" recognition, supervisory or managerial positions or may continue their education to specialize in other areas of automotive repair.


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Manufacturer Training Programs are not University degrees.