Transfer Student Admission

In-state applicants who have earned 12 or more semester credits at another accredited college or university and are in good academic standing with the college or university from which they are transferring are considered transfer students.

Out-of-state applicants who have earned 12 or more semester credits with at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average (based on a 4.00 scale) for all college or university level work are considered transfer students.

All applicants who have earned fewer than 12 post-secondary semester credits must meet freshman student requirements and must have an official copy of their transfer work sent to Montana State University-Northern (see Transfer of Credits in the current catalog).


Seamless OneMSU

Through Seamless OneMSU, take courses at MSU, MSU Billings, MSU Northern and Great Falls College MSU.  Seamless OneMSU makes multi-campus course enrollment easier.  By using Seamless OneMSU students can:

  • Transfer from one school to another (migrate to a new "home" school). 
  • Simultaneously attend multiple campuses by taking a course (likely online) at a "host school while remaining enrolled at   the "home" school.  
  • Enroll as a Visitor at a "host" campus for a semester with the intent of returning "home" the following semester.  


Transfer from a Montana University System (MUS School)

If you are transferring from a Montana college other than Montana State University, MSU Billings or Great Falls College MSU the process is simple.  

  1. Ask the Registrar's office at your previous school for a Transmittal of your file to MSU-Northern. 
  2. Pay $8 instead of the $30 application fee. 
  3. All transcripts and application information are sent together. 
  4. If you have not completed your final semester when you submit the transmittal, make sure to send a complete official transcript at the end of your final semester.  

How to Apply

  1. A $30 non-refundable application fee and the admissions application (or apply online) should be returned to the Admissions Office. If the applicant is admitted but does not register, the $30 application fee is valid for the subsequent twelve months.
  2. The student must insure that a complete and official transcript from each college and/or university or other post-secondary institutions attended is mailed to the Admissions Office. The student must submit official transcripts from ALL regionally accredited institutions attended, whether or not credit was earned. A transcript will be accepted as official only when sent directly from the Registrar of the previous institution(s) attended to the Admissions Office at Montana State University-Northern.
  3. All credit previously earned are transferred when the student transfers to Montana State University-Northern from a college and/or university level institution which is regionally accredited.
  4. In cases where no formal transfer credit agreement exists between Montana State University-Northern and the sending institution, the Registrar's Office at Montana State University-Northern, in conjunction with the appropriate program advisor, will review all eligible course work for transfer credit.
  5. Minimum Grades-Board of Regents Policy 301.5.3
    • For classes used to satisfy a prerequisite or required class in a student's major, minor, option or certificate, students must earn a C- or better;
    • For classes used to satisfy a general education requirement, students must earn a C- or better;
    • For classes used as free or elective credits, students must earn a D- or better. (Free or elective credits are additional credits that a student must earn in order to have the required number of total credits for a two-year or four-year degree. They are classes that are not used to satisfy the requirements of a major, minor, option, certificate or general education program.)

Grade point averages for transfer work are not calculated in the grade point average at Montana State University-Northern with the exception of those students entering the Nursing Program. The transcript will list courses and grades from previous institutions attended for which transfer credit has been granted. Only the credits and grade points earned in courses taken at Montana State University-Northern are used in the calculation of the grade point average.