All communications, whether printed or electronic, must include the proper MSU-Northern branding. The main MSU-Northern logo or the brand extension logo is required on all communications. 

Letterhead and Business Cards

Business Suite

MSU-Northern has created an official business suite to ensure consistent communications on our letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. All orders for letterhead or business cards are placed through the Office of Business Services.

Electronic Letterhead

Electronic letterhead is for official MSU-Northern communications that are distributed electronically. The electronic letterhead is not meant to be used as a stand-alone communications vehicle. (See Downloads below)


Powerpoint Templates

Letterhead Template

Stick-on Nametags - Word Document, for use with Avery labels #5395

Tent card
Tent Card Nameplate - Word Document, for use with Avery product #5309

Electronic Communications

Email Signature file
When communicating via email, it is important to include a professional signature file:

Do not use the default business card format or a personal stationary for the background.

To set up electronic signatures, use the steps described in this Microsoft Office article.

You can have multiple signatures that you can select from when sending an email. For example, you could have a shorter signature for internal emails (name, title, department and phone), and another one with more information (name, title, MSU-Northern, department, phone, web link) and a third with even more information and the logo (name, title, MSU-Northern, department, street address & PO box, city, state, zip, phone, web link) for external emails.  There really is no reason to use the signature with a street address and the logo on internal emails.

  • Use a web friendly, sans serif font in black.
  • Do not add other logos, background graphics or quotes.

External email example:

Jonathan (Jonny) Doe
Montana State University-Northern
300 13th Street West, P.O. Box 7751
Havre, MT 59501-7751

It is not necessary to put your email address in a signature file.