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Tutoring Central at MSU-Northern is here to serve our student population in a supportive environment through tutoring in the high-impact areas of writing and mathematics at all skill levels. Tutoring may also be available, according to demand, in lower division courses, as resources allow.

Need a tutor? Get the boost you need to achieve academic success! 

Sign up for a tutoring session by:

  • Emailing a Tutor below
  • Come by Student Support Services or the Little River Institute today


Tutoring Central offers the following resources as a means to provide support for all MSU-Northern Students:

  • Professional Math + Writing tutors are embedded in certain math and writing courses, students can connect with professional tutors through Tutoring Central or through their course in Brightspace.
  • Face-to-face tutoring is available in Student Support Services (Cowan Hall 211) or the Little River Institute (upstairs of the Student Union Building). 
  • Walk-Ins are welcome and will be connected with a tutor when one is available.

*Tutoring sessions can also be moved to the Library as needed.

  • Tutoring Central can also accommodate group tutoring sessions within a center (SSS + LRI) or virtually if requested.


MSUN Professional Tutors

Alissa Cook

WRIT 101/ WRIT 350 / WRIT 338 / COM 115 / Writing + Editing for all Subjects & More!

Morgaine Lomayesva

M 121 / ACTG 201 / CHMY 121 / EDUC 507 / PHSX 205 / M 105 / CET 361 / CET 307 & More!


MSUN Student Tutors: Come Meet with Us in Student Support Services (Cowan Hall 211) 

Brailynn DeMers

PLUM 100/PLUM 191-109 / PLUM 230 / WELD 106 / WELD 114-260 / WRIT 122 & More!

Tristan Gauer

BIOB 101/102L / BIOB 160/161L / BIOH 105/105L / BIOH 201/202L / BIOH 211/212L / BIOM 250/251L / BIOO 220/221L / CHMY 121/122 / CHMY 141/142 / CHMY 143/144 & More!

Olivia Isakson

WRIT 101/101L / LIT 110 & More!

Tanner McCliment-Call

ACTG 201/ACTG 202 & More!

Samantha Watson

BFIN 320 & More!


If you need assistance in a course that you do not see listed, please e-mail tutoring@msun.edu and you will be placed with a tutor who specializes in your requested subject area.

Tutoring Central at MSU-Northern, under the Office of the Provost, is a collaborative effort of TRiO/Student Support Services, the Little River Institute, the Math Lab as well as faculty to provide MSU-Northern students access to experienced tutors in a wide range of disciplines.  Tutoring Central includes professional tutors and student tutors approved by faculty.

Tutoring Central is under the direction of the MSU-Northern Tutoring Oversight Committee.

For questions regarding Tutoring Central or if you would like to apply to be a student peer tutor, please contact the MSU-N Tutoring Oversight Committee at tutoring@msun.edu.