Do Your Part

Follow safety procedures to prevent accidents on the job.

If you do have a work-related injury or illness, report it immediately, and complete the First Report of Injury and Occupational Injury and Occupational Disease.

Let the health care provider know if your injury or illness is work related.

Maintain your records. You may be assigned a claim number.

Report all time away from work due to an injury or illness using the MSU-Northern Occupational Accident or Illness Lost Time Report.

Perform exercises or therapy as prescribed by your health care provider.

Try to keep a good attitude. Research shows that your emotions play a big role in your recovery.

Benefits may not be paid to an employee who:

  • Willfully hurts themselves
  • Acts in a premeditated way to cause injury
  • Started a fight with a co-worker
  • Intentionally violated safety rules
  • Became intoxicated or impaired by drug use

Don’t close your eyes to other people’s fraud. They’re stealing from each of us. If you feel someone is abusing the system, contact:

100 24TH Street West Suite 1
Billings, Montana 59102