Section 600: Student Affairs

Effective: August 2004
Revised: April 2016
Last Review: April 2016
Next Review: April 2018
Responsible Party: Director of University Relations


MSU-Northern is a public institution. Therefore, during your time on the campus of MSU-Northern your image may be captured in still or video formats. Allowing your image to be taken by a staff, faculty, or student photographer is considered permission to use that image in any campus publication, video presentation, literature, display, website, social media, or advertisement. All participants are considered volunteers and will not receive remuneration.

People who do not want their mage to be taken or to appear in any publication must tell the photographer at the time the image is being taken. The photographer will honor any such requests. Students who have exercised their right to privacy through the Registrar's office will not be automatically excluded from this policy.

By attending a campus event (concert, lecture, ball, graduation, sporting event etc...) people realize their image may be taken and used. If a person does not want their image to be captured during the event, it is that person's responsibility to not attend the event, sit somewhere where they will not be photographed, or cover their face when pictures are being taken.