Section 500: Faculty Affairs

Effective: January 12, 1989
Revised: October 2015
Reviewed: October 2022
Review date: October 2024
Responsible Party: Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs/Provost


Under Section 702.7 of the Board of Regents Policy and Procedures Manual the responsibility for awarding emeritus status is delegated to the component institutions of the system. Board of Regents guidelines state that emeriti titles may be granted by the chancellor of a unit to tenured faculty members upon retirement after approval by the Board of Regents. The conferring of these titles is not automatic upon retirement.


The title of "Professor Emeritus" shall be awarded for outstanding and meritorious service as well as individual distinction to Montana State University-Northern. Such service shall have been demonstrated by scholarship, meritorious teaching and contributions to the institution. Emeritus status shall be a capstone to one's academic career.

Eligibility for Emeritus Status

To receive emeritus status, a faculty member must hold tenure and the rank of professor or associate professor at the time of retirement from Montana State University-Northern. The faculty member must have completed a minimum of ten (10) years of service at MSU-Northern to be considered for emeritus status. Time in service will be computed to the date of acceptance of retirement, either regular retirement or disability retirement

Systematic Procedures Supporting Emeritus Status

The initial procedure leading to emeritus status shall be by nomination. Any faculty member may nominate an eligible candidate. Nominations of candidates shall be submitted to the Chancellor by the end of the academic year in which the candidate shall retire. During the semester following the nomination, the appropriate Dean or Director will oversee the documentation package to support the emeritus nomination. This documentation shall attest to scholarly performance, teaching, and service to Montana State University Northern. A committee consisting of all tenured faculty members serving in the college of the retiree will review the documentation and make a recommendation to the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The provost will in turn make a recommendation to the Chancellor. This recommendation shall be submitted prior to the end of the academic term following the retirement.

Upon receiving the recommendations and documentation package, the Chancellor, will request that the Academic Senate review the candidate's credentials for emeritus status. The Senate shall review the materials and make a recommendation to the Chancellor by the end of the fall term.

The Chancellor can accept the recommendation or not accept the recommendation. Should the Chancellor accept the recommendation, he/she shall then submit the candidate's name to the Board of Regents during the spring term. Upon favorable acceptance by the Board of Regents, the title of emeritus will be added to the candidate's rank and so awarded at the graduation ceremonies in the year following his/her retirement.

Circumstances Surrounding Awarded Emeritus Status

Emeritus status shall confer life-long academic appointments and faculty status at Montana State University-Northern except as follows:

  • There is no change in retirement status.
  • There is no obligation to perform duties.
  • There is no right to hold a full-time administrative or teaching position.
  • There is no right to vote in faculty or department meetings.

Emeritus status shall confer life-long academic appointments and faculty status at Montana State University-Northern and shall be supported by:

  • Being permitted to use the library, physical education facilities.
  • Being invited to attend faculty meetings, commencement exercises, convocations and special programs for faculty and administrative staff sponsored by the University.
  • Receive all campus publications.
  • Being provided with minimal office space (for up to two years); contingent upon availability of space.
  • Being listed in the annual faculty directory and university catalog.
  • Use of Professor Emeritus or Associate Professor Emeritus title.