Associate Degree General Education Career Outlook

The general education degree is meant to give students who are undecided on a major the opportunity to fulfill the basic requirements while he or she determines which area of study to pursue in a four-year degree. Regardless, the skills you'll gain with the course in the AA degree are valuable in any employment setting.

Fulfill General Education Requirements while you decide on your Major.

Not every student starts college with a clear idea of which degree program to pursue. The general education program at Montana State University-Northern is designed for undecided major students to complete the general requirements of a four-year degree while deciding which major is the best match.

  • Complete coursework common to all degree programs and earn an Associate Degree General Education.
  • Be prepared to use your general education degree to complete a four-year college degree.
  • Start your general education classes in Havre, and transfer to another Montana University System institution to finish your Bachelor's degree.

Completion of the Associate of Arts degree at Northern satisfies all Bachelor degree general education requirements throughout the Montana University system.