Before your first meeting or training session

  • Practice using WebEx prior to your meeting or training session.
    • Make sure your presentation loads as expected
    • Become familiar with the flow of your meeting within the console
    • Practice using the tools you will utilize within the meeting, like annotation tools.
  • If there are participants who have not used WebEx, instruct them to use the WebEx test meeting ( to ensure that they can install the driver needed to access and participate in your meeting.
  • Schedule at least one test session with your students to ensure they can access, hear and participate in your meetings.
  • A headset with a microphone works best for participating in a WebEx meeting using Voice over IP (VoIP).

Before you start your session

  • Plug in your webcam and headset before you start your WebEx session.
  • Close all extraneous applications that you don't want to accidently share during your meeting. Examples: Email, Chat, documents you are working on.
  • If do plan to leave your Outlook email running while holding a session, it is recommended that you turn off desktop alerts so participants don't see all the email you are receiving.
  • Have the documents you are going to share open & ready to go
  • Put up a "do not disturb" sign outside the space where you are running the meeting.
  • Enter the WebEx session early (if you are the host) to prepare your meeting space.

After the session starts

  • Remind participants to keep background noise and paper shuffling to a minimum and to mute their mic when they do not need to speak.
  • If you cannot hear your participants or they cannot hear you, instruct them to leave the audio conference and run the Audio Setup Wizard.
  • If you plan to record the meeting, be sure all participants know!
    • You may need to remind participants the meeting is being recorded for later use if questions or comments go off-topic.
  • Use the "yes/no" buttons periodically to keep people on-task and to be sure they still hear you.
  • Use breakout sessions to foster more collaboration and communication.
  • Use WebEx to host student presentations. The rest of the class can use the chat window to comment on the presentation as it happens so more class time doesn't need to be taken for peer feedback after each presentation.