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Last Updated: 14-Jan-2010
Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services: Voice Mail Reference
Personal Verification

The Personal Verification is a recording of your name used by the system in place of you mailbox number. A Personal Verification is more pleasant to hear than a number and it also prevents mistakes from going unnoticed. If someone enters an incorrect mailbox number to address a message, hearing the name associated with that number reveals the error.

To record a personal Verification:
  1. Log on to the Voice Mail system.
  2. Press 82. The options available will be listed.
  3. Press 9 "The Personal Verification is (name)." or "There is no name for Personal Verification of mailbox (number)."
  4. Press 5.
  5. Wait for the tone, then speak your name. To stop recording press # and to check the new recording, press 2.
  6. When you have finished recording your personal verification, press 4.
If you need to delete the Personal Verification:
  1. After listening to the verification, press 76.
  2. Press 5 to re-record.
  3. When you have finished recording your personal verification, press 4.

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