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Last Updated: 29-Oct-2013
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Information Technology Services: "All User" E-mail

The Outlook Global Address look has several distribution lists including an "All Users" list. The purpose of these guidelines is to inform members of the University community on the appropriate use of the "All Users" distribution list.

  • Messages must relate directly to university business. Announcements of non-university events and advertisements for personal items should be handled through other channels such as the Human Resources Employee Bulletin Board.
  • The message should be of significant and urgent interest to a large segment of the campus community.
  • For events already listed on the calendar, electronic mail messages should be avoided unless there is significant supplemental information or last-minute changes in location or time. You can remind recipients that the Web calendar can add events to their Outlook calendar, and they can also have the Web calendar notify them if changes are made to the event.

Examples of inappropriate uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Out-of-office messages
  • Repeated reminders to everyone
  • Soliciting support (financial or otherwise) for charity or special causes not connected with the University
  • Personal opinion, public debate, or campaigning
  • Give-away's (personal property such as furniture, tickets, equipment, books, etc.)
  • Unverified public service announcements (such as virus alerts, unsafe products, etc.)
  • Chain mail
  • Services offered or services sought (except for University related services)
  • Lost and found (except when it involves University property)
  • Items for sale or items desired (including houses, tickets, books, services, etc.)

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Message Tips
° Be Brief
° Use Plain Text or Rich Text
° Do Not Send Large Attachments (use a Web Link instead)
° Do Not Send Repeated Messages on the Same Topic
° Use Descriptive Subject Lines
° Include Contact Information of the Sender
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