Use this table to determine the data types that can be stored in Box. 

 Data Type OK NOT OK
 Data classified as Public  
 Data classified as Restricted  
 Budget Information  
 Course evaluations  
 Employee and student IDs/GIDs
(even when combined with names)
 Planning documents  
 Staff search committee notes  
 Student grades and records  
 Data classified as Confidential   X
 Social Security numbers   X
 Bank account numbers   X
 Credit card numbers   X
 Drivers License numbers   X
 Passport Visa numbers   X
 Payroll ACH numbers   X
 Research data subject to export controls   X
 Note:  Files not appropriate for Box storage should be stored on Sulafat. Contact the Help Desk if you need to store Confidential data.
 Remember to Log out.  When you finish using Box, please log out to ensure your content remains secure. You can log out by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner, then selecting Log Out.