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It can be difficult to find exactly what you're looking for, especially when you don't know what that is! Here are a few great web sites that will help you locate any type of college, university or vocational program you may be searching for.

  Accredited Colleges Online
  • A comprehensive college directory with over 1,500 accredited online schools.
  Best Nursing Degree  
  • Find Nursing Schools and Degree Programs.
  Find Colleges & Universities in the 50 United States  
  • A comprehensive directory of United States colleges and universities,
  Career and College Search Center  
  • A respected resource referenced by hundreds of public libraries, colleges and universities, local, state and federal agencies.
  Certified Nursing Assistant  
  • Specifically developed to assist nurse aide students to gain complete knowledge on CNA Training, free classes, certification, jobs, exam and nurse aide salary and nursing homes. In addition, you are also offered an option to search your locally based school by entering your zip code for completing your training programs.
  College Affordability Guide  
  • Our team just finished analyzing over 10 million data points related to the 5,000+ colleges and universities in the US, to find the ones that offer both financial accessibility (the lowest costs for low and middle income students, as well as flexibility in learning & credit), and positive outcomes. We focused on graduation/transfer rates and loan default rates, with the idea that completing one's studies, and being able to pay back one's loans, together form a reasonable baseline for a worthwhile college experience.

  College Atlas  
  • A World of Higher Learning.
  College, College Scholarships, and Online Degrees  
  • Our goal is to help you quickly and easily find and learn more about the traditional colleges, online colleges, career schools and/or graduate schools which best meet your individual educational needs.
  College Costs  
  • Find out how much college costs.
  Colleges & Universities  
  • Find information about hundreds of colleges, schools, and universities.  Independently researched and categorized.
  College Search  
  • Find information on nearly 7,000 colleges and universities in the United States.
  College View  
  • Comparative college information.
  Education Corner  
  • Online Degrees, Colleges & K12 Education Guide.
  EMT Classes and Training  
  • For gaining comprehensive knowledge about who an EMT is? We have structured this website with information about the roles and responsibilities of an EMT, training procedures and curriculum, educational requirements, top EMT schools, universities, and colleges, practical tests, process of obtaining EMT certificate, recertification, employment outlook, and salaries received by EMTs in different states of the United States. In a nutshell, this site is a complete guide for EMT aspirants.
  ePharmacy Technicians  
  • Helps students who want to pursue a pharmacy technician career. This site aims at giving necessary information about the career so that students get to know both pros and cons.
  Hack College  
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  Medical Assistant Schools  
  • Top online medical assistant schools.
  Medical Billing and Coding  
  • Earn a medical billing and coding certification online.
  Montana Colleges  
  • Serves as a centralized location for finding information about all 24 colleges and universities in Montana.
  Montana 2-Year Colleges  
  • Serves as a centralized location for finding information about all 2-year colleges in Montana.
  Montana Higher Education Resources  
  • Lists all Montana state colleges, universities, technical colleges, community colleges, tribal colleges & distance learning.
  • A 5-year old non-profit site dedicated to helping current and prospective nursing students find state approved nursing education programs to become an RN, CNA or LPN. The site also helps to fund educational expenses by offering an annual scholarship opportunity.
  Nursing School 411  
  • Free A-Z Guide on exploring Nursing as a career.
  • We have the most complete and feature-rich nursing programs database with over 6,500 programs to choose from. Search for schools & compare them side by side to see which ones meet your needs.
  Nursing Licensure  
  • Unique resource intended to assist students, parents and educators in navigating the requirements and routes to become licensed in the practical nursing and registered nursing professions.
  Peterson's College Guide  
  • Search for schools and other useful information.
  The Colleges Database  
  • College Planning Resource
  Trade Schools  
  • Search online for accredited schools and scholarships.
  U.S. Community Colleges by State  
  • List of regionally-accredited community colleges, includes 2-year institutions and 2-year branch campuses of 4-year institutions.
  U.S. Universities by State  
  • List of regionally-accredited colleges & universities by state.
  Western Governor's University  
  • Online. Accelerated. Affordable. Accredited
  Your Guide  
  • Montana's Two-Year Workforce Development Certificate & Degree Programs.
  Special Section
for those going

You can do it. It doesn't matter how old you are or how long its been. You are not alone - millions of adults have done it before you. Take that first step. You will be glad you did!

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