July 1, 2020 - Announcement

Dear Northern,

This week, the state of Montana saw a surge in new cases of COVID-19 across the state. While we anticipated this would happen once we went to phase 2 of the Governor’s plan to reopen the state, this surge is a sobering reminder that the pandemic is still with us, and will likely be here when the fall semester begins. Our workgroups at MSU-Northern continue to work diligently on plans for a safe and successful return to face to face classes, and I am confident that we will be prepared to offer students an excellent academic experience.

Our goal for fall is to keep students engaged and learning, no matter the circumstances. We understand that this semester is going to be a learning curve for everyone, unlike anything we have ever faced before, and that the easier we can make the transition the better the semester will be for everyone involved. We are implementing changes in three major areas: 

  • Flexible delivery. We are working on developing flexible content delivery models so that if a student cannot attend class, for any reason, the content can still be made easily available to them. This could include attending a course live online, viewing recorded lectures, and engaging early on with our Tutoring Center and other support structures on campus.
  • Consistent platforms. MSU-Northern is preparing to fully support a select number of distance delivery platforms. Having a limited number of platforms will make it easier for both students and faculty to get comfortable in those learning environments and focus on content, not the tools.
  • Safety protocols. The Campus Safety Workgroup has evaluated every classroom on campus and developed new classroom capacities that take social distancing into account. They have also ordered all the necessary supplies to sanitize each space after it has been used, and will be putting up signage to help all of our faculty, students, and staff adhere to these new guidelines.

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone at MSU-Northern that has risen to this challenge and assisted with putting this plan in place. Together, we are ensuring that our most vulnerable community members are safe, and everyone can learn. We are all going to be better and stronger for having done so.


Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday weekend,


Greg Kegel

Chancellor, MSU-Northern



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