Department of Nursing Mission Statement (March 2014)

The mission for the Department of Nursing is to provide professional nursing education for a diverse student population by promoting student centered and culturally enriched environments which foster students success; To utilize healthcare partnerships which expand learning experiences across North Central Montana and beyond.

ASN Program Mission Statement (September 2016)

MSU-Northern ASN Program provides a high quality nursing program that prepares students to become graduate nurses entering the profession of nursing.

RN to BSN Completion Program (October 2016)

The MSU-Northern RN-BSN Program assists the RN to build on prior experiences, knowledge and skills in order to grow personally and professionally into a leadership role to address complex healthcare issues in a diverse and evolving world of healthcare.

Department of Nursing Philosophy

We believe:

Professional nursing is a practice-based discipline which incorporates knowledge from the humanities and biological, psychological, social and physical sciences with nursing knowledge and theory to provide optimal health care to individuals, families, and communities. Professional nursing practice utilizes the nursing process, critical thinking and clinical decision making skills, cultural awareness, therapeutic communication, and evidence-based practice measures in a collaborative nurse/client relationship to promote desired health outcomes across the lifespan.

Both a sound educational base and a multitude of experiences are needed to develop expert nursing practice. Professional nursing faculty are collaborative partners in the learning process by being resource persons, motivators, and facilitators of experiential opportunities which assist students to meet specific educational goals and optimize achievement of each learner's potential growth.